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Promo Page Adverts

The promo page is one of the most popular pages on this site after the blog.

A great way to promote artists, their shows and services. The page is updated every week and is free. If you want to be featured, please let me know.

For any visitors, it also acts as a quick what’s on guide and is easy for me to update. I love all the original ad content that the magicians create. Much of it being their own original work.

If you use this site and enjoy the content, I am going to ask a favour....

At the very top of the promo page is a couple of affiliate links that have been added today. One is for Amazon and the other is for Merchant of Magic*. If you can click these links and save to your favourites, I would appreciate. I am looking at small ways to try and cover some of the admin and hosting costs to run the site. I wish to keep any advertising to a minimum and promise that any links will only feature on the top of the promo page. This particular page appears to be the best match to feature any ads.

Advertising for artists to promote their shows will always remain free, a key part of the sites function is to encourage audiences to view live and online Zoom shows.

Thanks for your support.

Visit the promo page here.

If a magician wishing to be featured for free, get in touch here or use the chat function on the bottom right of this page.

* The Amazon link is on both the desktop and mobile site. Merchant of Magic is currently only on the desktop site.


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