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Review: High Jinx Magic, Illusion and Circus Show

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

When in Blackpool, I had the opportunity to watch the "High Jinx Magic, Illusion and Circus Show". This show features Michael and Tamsyn Jordan who are currently performing at Blackpool Tower.

Having seen and reviewed many magic shows, they can become a bit samey if lacking originality. I did not have any initial expectations other than to watch some stage magic and circus performances.

I knew of Michael and Tamsyn Jordan as they have had a successful career touring and are always busy. They are a well known act and I was certainly looking forward to seeing them as they had appeared on Penn & Teller: Fool Us.

This show was held in the big top at Blackpool Tower. What a fantastic venue for a family friendly show.

The outside of the building is a little deceptive as once inside, it is like travelling down Circus decorated corridors before being greeted by an amazing indoor big top.

To book, visit the Blackpool Tower website and select to book for the Circus. Dates for "High Jinx" will then show when available.

The audience was mainly families with children as young as 4 or 5 and up. However, the entertainment is suitable for any age, with many adults also enjoying the show. Seats are not allocated at this venue so if you arrive early, you can be ring side. Though to be fair, you would get a great view from most seats.

What interested me about the venue was the possible challenges of presenting a magic act in a big top, which could prove difficult with sight lines. As a performer, you are effectively surrounded almost 360 by your audience. "High Jinx" did an excellent job making sure that all audience members were able to see what was happening, regardless of where you sat while making sure sleights remained that way.

As a big fan of stage magic, little did I know what a treat was heading my way. Many magic theatre stage shows have a select number of illusions, and just a few larger scale illusions. However, this show performs many impressive illusions in high numbers. No wonder that they have to use trucks as well as vans to transport all their props/illusions.

Michael Jordan's entrance is very impressive at the start of the show while being supported by the “High Jinx” dancers and Tamsyn.

I possibly under estimated this show before it started as it is part circus performance. However, when magic was not being performed, the circus performances were very watchable and enjoyable in their own right. What I did not expect is that the circus acts are also performed by Michael, who builds an excellent connection with his audience.

Interaction is key and audience members (children) are given the opportunity to get involved and they are given goody bags for their help and participation. Michael is brilliant with the children and very funny gaining lots of laughs. The audience was totally invested in the performance which was good to see. No noisy interruptions from adults chatting or drinking. An ideal outing for adults, children and families.

The show lasted a couple of hours including intermission and was well worth the price of the ticket. As this review is spoiler free, if you like big stage magic and the circus, you will love this show. The “High Jinx” showreel is worth a watch if you want to know more.

Would I go again? Absolutely. This show is easily my favourite magic show that I have seen this year (of about nine live shows). The energy, performances and the focus on stage magic was most enjoyable. I did not expect to like it as much as I did but the show is different from other shows. A very slick performance with excellent sound, lighting and dancing. The only issue was a brief sound problem that was quickly rectified and then forgotten as resolved. A very professional and well thought out show.

If you are in Blackpool, you definitely have to see this show and I definitely want to see "High Jinx" perform again. The best magic show in Blackpool currently and my views were shared by my wife and daughter.

A nice touch at the end is that the cast stay back to greet and chat to the audience. I was also able to get a photo taken with all the cast and signed playing card by Michael and Tamsyn.

In the event that you cannot get to Blackpool, do take a look at their website as they have plenty of dates advertised as they tour holiday camps. Also available for private bookings.

Thanks again to "High Jinx" for a very enjoyable show.

Book for "High Jinx" at Blackpool:


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