Review - “Jay & Joss” Online Zoom Shows (Spoiler Free)

I discovered the Jay & Joss show on my Facebook feed during the week. The trailer that accompanied the post looked like the show would be a really professional online show.

The trailer revealed Jay and Joss converting a warehouse into a suitable area for the online show performance. An impressive trailer and I knew that I had to book tickets.

Jay and Joss are used to performing in theatres and on cruise ships. My hope when booking the ticket would be that the show would be more like a theatre production which it was.

Tickets started from £7.49 to view the show with different packages available. You had West End, Broadway and Las Vegas options which steadily increased in price. The choice is a good idea with different perks available so you can choose the best option that suits you.

The Broadway and Las Vegas packages send you a pre show pack. The Las Vegas option giving you a choice of a magic trick from the shop and a signed Jay & Joss poster.

My pre show pack arrived very quickly, just a day after purchasing. Clearly marked not to open until instructed during the show.

I await my signed tour poster. Had to get one of those as an individual who likes to collect magic related items.

Prior to the show, I received email joining instructions.

Logging into Zoom was straight forward and all audience members were able to wait and see each other while waiting for the show to start.

Jay and Joss posted on Facebook prior to the show starting. A good omen that they were organised and ready. The fact that they were also in smart attire gave a good impression of what was to come. A prompt start for any online Zoom show is important.

Audience wise, it was an intimate audience size that attended this show. The advantage being that all audience members had a few opportunities to interact with Jay and Josh.

The presentation was flawless. Good camera work, lighting effects and audio presentation. Jay and Joss were very professional. A well rehearsed show and it felt like a proper theatre production on Zoom.

The show is advertised for 30 minutes but lasted about 40 minutes and they worked through about 12 effects.

The show is ideal for families and while I did not see anything new or unique, I enjoyed the show. To be fair, I also watch a lot of magic. For families and those with young children, they would be amazed. I would certainly like to see these two perform live in a theatre, I get the feeling that they probably perform larger scale illusions as well due to their cruise ship background.

Currently, it does appear that tonight’s show was the last that is currently advertised. I watched the show on Sunday the 4th of October.

If you get the chance to see these two perform onstage or online, you won’t be disappointed. A very polished show.

Thanks Jay and Joss.

PS. They have just tweeted to confirm that they will be announcing more dates during the week.