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Review of Kane & Abel: “Split Egg” Free Online Show (Spoiler-Free)

Kane & Abel have advertised a couple of free online shows via their FaceBook page and eventbrite.

This new show “Split Egg” took place on Saturday the 7th of November at 3pm GMT. Free to watch thanks to Arts Council Cambridgeshire County Council Babylon Arts. Streamed via YouTube. This advertised show is in addition to the free workshop that they are also running on the 14th of November. Eventbrite details here.

This online stream was a reimagining of their magic show SPLIT EGG, filmed in front of an empty theatre with a team supporting their performance.

As artists, I was not hugely aware of Kane & Abel though I had heard of them. Twins who also happen to be magicians.

A quick google and I found out they they had impressive credentials. They have performed regularly at the Edinburgh Fringe festival and headlined at theatres across the UK. Their website is also good and informative.

As I expected, the show was popular with about 35 screens waiting for the show to start. So no doubt, a lot more audience members were actually viewing the show as the screens are always shared by multiple audience members.

While watching the show, the numbers of screens kept increasing and at peak, 42 YouTube accounts were streaming the show which is impressive.

The team did have some technical issues before and during the show, they already know this and they acknowledged. It must have been stressful for them. As a new medium, it will have been a learning curve and will only make the future shows better. Thankfully, they had a team supporting them with cameras and technology. The quality of the YouTube picture was generally very good.

The main thing is the professionalism and standard of the performance by Kane & Abel. It was apparent that a lot of time had gone into the preparation and presentation of the show. I understand that this is a condensed version of the original planned theatre show.

Kane & Abel are impressive and very talented. I would watch them again and I definitely wish to see them perform live in future. They are obviously used to performing in theatres and they interacted with the camera well. Great to see another double act in magic and they join good company that includes Morgan & West and Penn & Teller.

The show was very professional and it was good to see them perform a fresh one hour show of their own work. Always good when a show is unique as some artists tend to have similar acts where as this was different. Even when using more standard effects, they always put their own spin on the presentation.

A couple of prerecorded segments also existed during the show, advertising merchandise.

To find out more about Kane & Abel, visit their website at:

And don’t forget. They are running a 100 years of magic free workshop on the 14th of November that can also be booked on eventbrite here.

Thank you Kane & Abel. Viewing of this show is definitely recommended and I look forward to also reviewing the workshop.

See their bio below for more info.


Kane & Abel have been performing comedy stage magic and close-up magic since the age of just 15. This means they are unique in being able to offer a modern and youthful show, while also having over a decade and a half of experience in entertaining any age and size of audience. Whether you are looking for a comedy magic stage act, or close-up magic, look no further than Kane & Abel Magicians.

These twin tricksters have performed in cabaret and variety shows in London, as well as headlining at theatres, pubs and clubs across the UK.

The Shropshire-born duo have become cult heroes at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, with their last two stand-up comedy and magic shows ‘Tricnic’ and ‘Breaking the Magicians’ Code’ being total sellouts and receiving critical acclaim.

During the summer, Kane & Abel can regularly be found roaming the fields at the country’s top music and arts festivals, as well as performing in the comedy, theatre and cabaret tents.



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