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Time Machine Cafe: The Golden Age Of Magic Zoom Show

The Golden Age of Magic was an online show that took place on Friday the 13th of November at 1800 GMT for 50 minutes. This was a little different from the normal Zoom magic online shows and was of interest to fans of magic history.

The show was run by the Time Machine Cafe and allowed the audience to travel back 100 years ago to the golden age of magic. In conjunction with the University of London and the Senate House Library.

Tansy Barton talked about artists which included Houdini to lesser known men and women in magic during the 1920's. Displaying slides of magic books, posters and more while viewing via Zoom.

Magicians - Howard Thurston and Del O'Dell were also discussed along with Professor Hoffman who wrote the "Modern Magic" books. Many interesting Posters and excerpts from books held by the library were shared.

I understand that the event was part of the Being Human Festival UK which is running from the 12th to the 22nd of November.

While the talk was excellent, the supporting links were also useful. Of particular note is the Senate House Library link below which provides supporting information about the "Staging Magic - The Story Behind The Illusion" exhibition that has a lot of material available to view online as well as visit.

Should the Zoom show/lecture become available online, I will also post about that.


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