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Review of “Watch Closely” - Online Show With Billy Reid

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

Billy Reid performed two shows on Saturday the 10th of October and I was able to attend the 1430 show.

After buying the ticket, the first thing that really impressed me was the email that you receive from Billy. The email provided detailed log on instructions, a time to log on and what to expect. It also reminded all audience members about muting and speaker view on Zoom. This is important because I have attended some Zoom shows without any audience control.

I purchased my ticket via eventbrite. Ticket cost was reasonable at £11.37 a ticket with £6 going to the Tivoli Theatre in Aberdeen. Good to see artists and theatres supporting each other during these difficult times.

His website can be viewed here . Should you wish to book Billy, he offers a personal service dealing directly with the audience himself, rather than through agents etc.

My expectation was high that the Zoom show would be professional. As I waited for the show to start, I gathered the items that we were told to have at hand. Instructions also appeared on screen as audience members joined, for you to follow. The show started promptly as advertised.

The show was 45 minutes. A family show that was suitable for children. Audience-wise, the show was an intimate performance on zoom.

Billy chatted to all audience members and had everyone help during the show. All were encouraged to have their cameras on.

Throughout the show, Billy was clear with his narration and directions. He was also very good at explaining what he was doing as he always gave supporting information and even some facts about the history of magic.

My reviews are always spoiler-free but I can tell you that the act contained about 10 tricks/effects. It was a nicely paced show with lots of sleight of hand, card magic and some mentalism. If that is your thing, you will enjoy.

I genuinely enjoyed the show and would recommend that you book to see Billy.

The show is well thought out and it ran without any technical or other issues. Billy is obviously very organised and a lot of time has gone into the planning.

A recommended show. Very impressed.


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