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Review - Savour The Sea From a Distance – A Virtual Magic Show By Vincenzo Ravina (Spoiler Free)

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

The opportunity to join an interactive show hosted by Vincenzo Ravina on Zoom was too good to miss. I became aware of Vincenzo after an invite to view his show and through his appearance on Penn and Teller: Fool Us.

It is always refreshing when you have a performer who takes a unique approach, trying to do something different. As I get to see many shows, I appreciate originality as I still then get surprised with unexpected moments during shows.

I did take a small break from Zoom shows in the Summer as some of the shows were becoming too familiar if they lacked originality and repeated standard effects. On one occasion, I even decided to stop reviewing the show as I like to discover and recommend artists who leave you wanting more and who have worked on a unique show presentation. The last few shows in particular have restored my faith.

Vincenzo is currently performing live shows on Zoom and is advertising future dates in October. He has just finished performing online as part of the Halifax Fringe in Canada. He plans to continue adding a couple of online shows a month while the demand continues and you should keep an eye on eventbrite and his websites for details of more shows. Like all magicians, Vincenzo looks forward to the day he can perform live shows again. He tells me that show times vary and as well as shows times for North America/Canada, he regularly advertises UK friendly timed shows as he attracts a lot of UK visitors. Incidentally, the next planned UK friendly showtime is this Friday the 2nd of October at 7pm GMT. Though of course you can join from anywhere around the world with the show advertised at 3pm Atlantic time and 2pm Eastern.

Tickets are per Zoom screen so you can have as many family around the screen as you like. You pay what you can afford for the ticket.

Based in Nova Scotia - Canada, Vincenzo is an English teacher, artist, writer, performer and magician. His show performances combine mentalism and magic with his own magical artifacts. He has practised magic from childhood. Balancing his online teaching most mornings, and his weekday afternoons writing and working on magic. T-shirts are something that he also works on for fun, when inspiration strikes. His T-shirts showing off his love of animals. His favouite being a girafficorn!

I attended his show on Sunday the 27th of September at 7pm GMT which lasted approximately 40 minutes. Allowing for about 10 to 12 magic effects in that time.

Prior to attending, you are advised to have a coin, a pack of cards, marker and scrap paper at hand as the show is interactive. For the performance, I was joined by my wife and daughter (who hid off camera). Other audience members were keen to interact and join in with the performance and all appeared to be quite tech savvy. The performance was quite intimate and all audience members got a couple of opportunities to talk and join in with Vincenzo. If you join the show, make sure you have your camera on as you will become part of the show.

To prepare for the show, I received several emails. I was probably just unlucky but if you don’t hear, keep an eye on your junk email folder as you will get mail during the show as well. I later discovered that one email had landed in my junk email folder for some reason.

The management of the audience members was good. All participants muted apart from when invited to speak.

The broadband connection was perfect. No issues at all with video and audio clear. While technology can sometimes present unexpected issues, when Vincenzo had a minor issue, he acted fast to rectify so it was not noticeable and the show started on time.

Vincenzo is a story teller, setting the scene and bringing stories to life with artifacts that are not only props supporting his effects, but important components of his show. The audience are encouraged to use their imagination and participate.

You feel comfortable in the presence of Vincenzo. His presentation and ability to put audience members at ease leaves you wanting more. A skilled magician.

As a spoiler free review, I cannot give anything away but the ending is original and different. Certainly something that you will not have seen before and is memorable. If you want to know more and see his performance, I recommend that you book.

This show has to be recommended for any fans of magic. While the show will likely appeal to adults who appreciate absurdity (Vincenzo’s own words), it is a family friendly performance so it will potentially appeal to all ages. My daughter is 10 and she enjoyed aspects of the show when she joined us to watch. Book now while the show is still available online.

Shows can be booked via eventbrite here (when available). Price for tickets is in Canadian dollars and you pay what you can afford.

If you would like to know more about Vincenzo, you can follow him on his social pages below. And don’t forget to check out his Penn and Teller: Fool Us performance. Worth checking out.

It should also be noted that Vincenzo is available for private bookings as well and he can be contacted using his sites.

I definitely recommend if you want something different and wish to view an entertaining show, book a ticket.


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