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Richard Jones “Fan Gift” Show

Richard Jones recently advertised a free gift for his followers. Before Christmas, he made a mysterious announcement on social media.

An opportunity to join a special Zoom magic show on Boxing Day. A thank you for supporting him in 2020. Also his way of making sure that no one is lonely this Christmas during lockdown.

A very generous gift/thank you to fans/followers. On the day, everyone was encouraged to arrive early and about 155 screens joined the show. With many screens shared by multiple audience members, a few hundred must have been watching.

The show was very enjoyable. Many also had the opportunity to interact with Richard.

Richard does regularly perform on Zoom. See my review below of his shows that I reviewed in November. Includes his website details so you can book his services:

Having been lucky enough to watch Richard perform live last year before any lockdowns, I had to book to see his latest online show.

To date, Richard has already performed a number of online shows this year. He also has a couple more planned this month and he is also planning some shows for Christmas.

The show that I attended and that I have reviewed took place on Friday the 20th of November at 1930. The next couple of shows are due to take place on Wednesday the 25th (sold out) and Friday the 27th of November.

The shows are 40 minutes and for more details, check out this link to book.

Alternatively, check out Richard's Facebook page.

On booking my tickets, I received a couple of email confirmations via Ticket Source. The price for a 40 minute show is very reasonable and you can have as many family around your screen as you like.

A confirmation and reminder email was also sent prior to the show with log on details. The show was via Zoom.

Once signed in for the show, music played with the appropriate lyrics “I’ve got the magic in me” and a slide of Richard.

The show was intimate, with Richard chatting to all audience members and allowing everyone to interact and join in with the magic. He makes a point of working through all the Zoom audience screens, so make sure your camera is on.

I like to keep these show reviews spoiler free, as you need to experience the shows for yourself. However, what is safe to say is that the show includes a great video montage and lots of effects that Richard works his way through. As you would expect from a BGT winner, a very professional show from an established magician.

He connects well with his audience and confidently talks, chats and performs. His studio set for the performance is my favorite for any of the Zoom shows that I have watched. A very professional setting and I love the posters on display of some great artists in this field.

The show is ideal for families and ages were mixed from children relaxing before bed to adults having a glass of wine.

Effects performed are varied and Richard's style covers card magic, mentalism and sleight of hand. A flawless performance and it was good to see him enjoying the opportunity to perform.

Narration and story telling throughout the act is important to Richard and an enjoyable part of the show. It brings a lot of the magic to life and gives a reason why a particular magic effect is being performed.

For any fans of magic or Richard, you need to book to see his show. I will also definitely book the forthcoming Christmas show and review. Recommended.

It should be noted that for any collectors of magic, Richard does sell signed merchandise that includes posters of his tours. A great addition to my collection.

Thanks to Richard for the amazing show. Lets hope for the opportunity for live theatre shows again soon.

My daughter Amelia and I getting a selfie with Richard in 2019

The Military Illusionist - Richard Jones


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