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Scott Green - Virtual Magic Show

Scott Green is performing a family show and a separate show for adults in May via Zoom. The first show is for families on May 9th and the second show is different and for adults on the 15th.

Buy your tickets in plenty of time as you will be posted a special package prior to the show so that you can join in.

Though Scot is US based, the packages that you require for the show are shipped from within the UK.

Book here.

Official write up below.

UK friends! - America's smash-hit virtual magic show is available for two shows only. 🎟🤯🎩

When you order your ticket 🎟, Royal Mail will deliver a mystery box 📦 you won't open until the live Zoom show. The surprises in the box make the magic happen IN YOUR HANDS! 🤯🤯🤯

One box is enough for your entire household to share. The May 9 family show is £36 and perfect for households with at least one child age 5-12. The May 15 show is £50 and perfect for adults (and magic lovers age 12 and older). (Shipping is £15.) The shows are different, with different content in the boxes.

Every show has sold out so far and these will too, so don't wait. Go to to get your ticket/box now! 🎟📦🍿


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