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Selfish Audience Behaviours

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

As any regular reader will know, I do like to write up reviews of the shows that I attend.

I thought hard before pressing publish on this latest blog post and it remained in drafts for some time.

Last year I saw a magician perform who will go unnamed An excellent and well known artist who was let down by a poor venue and some disrespectful audience members.

Now I am not sure if freedom after lockdown has gone to the heads of some, but many appear to have forgotten how to conduct themselves at public events.

The result of some of my recent experiences meant that I did not want to write a review that was damaging to an artist, through no fault of their own.

I understand that all need to have a good time, but surely some behaviours are just anti social. And when you experience this multiple times, you just know that something is off, when talking, mobile conversations for all to hear and excessive drunk behaviour etc appears to be the norm. You then cannot say anything as it will be most likely taken as you being a kill joy or spoil sport. And of course, you have to be careful not to put yourself in a difficult or dangerous situation.

The last two years I have experienced poor behaviour at a few music gigs, the cinema and a theatre magic show.

While all want to have a good time at events, why do some think their pleasure and enjoyment allows others experience to be ruined? Probably a lack of consideration and lack of awareness as to how their behaviours can effect others. Selfish really.

Of course public events will have some disturbances (that is to be expected) but my experiences are not good recently. And many events are so expensive now. And of course, everyone has different tolerances and what they would consider others crossing a line.

At the magic show, the venue was part of the problem serving food and drink during the performance. Perhaps a restriction on food ordering prior to the show start would make more sense as a ticketed event. Some nearby audience members who had paid admission to see the show were chatting and using mobile phones on FaceTime. Some gradually getting more wasted that they became a disturbance with their loud conversions. It all just spoiled the show for others and likely isn't pleasant for performers either.

The recent pop concerts that I have been to have all had similar issues, loud people who cannot hold their drink. Proper arena events and not just music in a pub where it has to be expected.

Then there is the cinema with conversations, disturbances and mobiles in constant use.

Recent cinema experiences include two men with children chatting non stop through the film. His phone then illuminating the audience as he was constantly recording the film on his phone.

The interesting thing is also the age. Apart from one occasions of some lads at the cinema being allowed out for the first time and thinking they were funny (and talking out loud/shouting), everyone else causing disturbances was probably 40 plus!

With the cost of living, you would think many would not have money to waste on events that they are not interested in the event. And even when you're not interested, many others are.

Trouble is, the venues often do not care. They will keep selling alcohol to those regardless, as long as they are making money. The music venues being the worst culprits at arenas. And many of the issues have been related to individuals drinking excessively.

Everyone wants to have fun, so why people cannot learn to enjoy themselves in a social fashions and respect others is beyond me.

I also don't remember so many disruptions prior to the lockdowns. Hopefully normality will resume soon.

Have you got any recent experiences to share? Do you agree, have your own experiences or perhaps disagree? Comment below.

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