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Show Review: X-Treme Magic (Aylesbury Show)

Updated: Oct 11, 2023

I was excited to gain a front row ticket for the first show of the latest "X-treme Magic" show for 2022. An ambitious Las Vegas style show that is touring the UK throughout October. Visiting most regions which includes Blackpool, Southampton, Llandudno, Runcorn, Billingham, Cheltenham, Wimbledon, Yeovil, Canterbury, York and Wolverhampton.

The opening night was at the Aylesbury "Waterside Theatre". A modern and large venue that I had not visited before.

The line up for the show is impressive, with Richard Cadell, Richard Jones, John Archer, Solange Kardinaly and Arkadio.

A show that focuses on extreme and dangerous magic, blending stage magic/illusions with close up (coin and card), quick change and comedy.

For those who follow my reviews, you will know that they are always spoiler free. Therefore, I will not reveal anything that will ruin the show for audiences.

From the start, this show stands out for its high production values. The pace is fast and it will genuinely blow you away. Impressive and ambitious.

I understand that the aim was to bring a Las Vegas style show to the UK, and it is fair to say that they succeeded.

Richard Cadell performs many large scale illusions and is an impressive showman. Richard Jones performs mentalism and joins in with his own dangerous stunts. John Archer is John Archer - Hilarious. And then Solange with an amazing quick change act that was mesmerising, along with Arkadio performing amazing close up sleight of hand magic on a pad while projected for all to view.

This show was so amazing, it allowed me to escape day to day life without distraction. I was fully engrossed in the performances and loved every minute. That does not happen very often to allow a break from reality.

Unlike some shows where a performer may come on for 15 or 20 minutes and vanish, the performers keep taking over from each other with their acts. You end up seeing each performer coming on stage many times.

John Archer also gave comedic relief in between the illusions and had the audience in fits of laughter. Other parts of the show were more nail biting when you watched Richard Cadell and Richard Jones perform.

The show was quite long, so good value for money. The performance was a little over 2.5 hours including interval.

Watching Solange and her fast change act was amazing and Arkadio and his sleight of hand has to be seen.

As you would expect, as a first night, a couple of minor things went wrong. However, it did not spoil the show and just highlighted the professionalism of the team to carry on. If anything, like all things in life, it will just make the show better.

The dancers are also worth noting. They also act as assistants to many of the illusions and are also amazing. They really helped set the scene for this show being first class.

You can purchase meet and greet tickets in advance with certain tickets and I was lucky to get one of these. I noticed on the night, at least at my show, you could purchase meet and greet tickets in the foyer as well. Though these are limited in numbers. You then get a photo opportunity, signed programme and VIP laminate for those who like collecting magic collectables.

I was lucky to get a quick moment with John Archer to gain my selfie.

If you do want to see this show though, you will have to act quick as it is only touring for a couple of weeks.

The show was so enjoyable, I am wanting to go again and I am thinking about booking for Wolverhampton.

This show is fantastic. Just book!

Visit the FaceBook page for X-Treme Magic here. I understand that age guidance is 12+.

Thanks to all involved in this show, I had an excellent night.



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