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Site Development

I have lots of ideas for this site and it is keeping me busy.

During lock down, many of us have learnt new skills or finally had the time to do something that we have wanted to do for a long time. For myself, it has been creating this site.

I continue to work on the look and feel of Magic Seats. Hopefully the homepage now looks quite good. Particularly happy with how it looks on desktops but still want to improve how the site looks on mobile. New promo videos and slideshow added to give the page some life and energy. Social media buttons also added.

A couple of new directory pages have also been added, listing magicians with their photos and website links. Hopefully a good directory to use when wanting to identify magicians and quickly work through their websites.

Lastly a promo page has been added where I can display any tour pictures for promo purposes that I am supplied and asked to display on the site.

Hope you like the site and continue to visit. It will be updated regularly. Please get in contact if you have any ideas, or perhaps want to be listed. Thanks all.


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