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Site Updates/New Content for the last week

As usual, the vlog and blog were updated.

This week the playing cards reviewed and opened on the Vlog no 6 were the NOC reds.

I also officially launched the Cardistry Gallery page on the site. This page supports the Vlog, providing some pictures of all reviewed decks of cards.

Our Chris Dugdale interview proved popular, attracting the most blog views for the week. Thanks to Chris for the interview.

Take a look at the blog for any missed posts from the week.

Tour listings and Zoom Magic pages were also updated. In particular, Richard Jones rescheduling his 2020 “Escape” shows to March 2021 onwards.

Within the A to Z of Magicians page, I added Mark Shortland. Mark was also added to the Zoom Magic page as he has an upcoming public Zoom show.

Lastly, we also added an RSS feed to the site blog.

Content is updated daily.

Either get the feed using the RSS button on the top of the blog page or use the address below.



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