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Site Updates/New Content for the last week

We published our review of “Magic from the Barn” during the week. This was a popular post about the Zoom Magic show with Oliver Tabor and Wayne Trice.

The blog continued to be updated daily and our most popular post was our John Archer interview, receiving more views than any other post this week.

Also on the blog this week were the tour listings and cardistry/magic update.

The tour updates included new live social distanced shows from Tom Brace and Ben Hart for the Summer. Also a new public Zoom show by Lxke Trix.

The Vlog was updated with our no 7 Vlog of the opening of the Bicycle foil back cobolt edition. And of course, the cardistry gallery that supports the Vlog was also updated.

Don’t forget, you can now gain an RSS feed for this blog.


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