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Social Media - Magic Seats

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

While I embraced FaceBook and Instagram from the start of the site launch, I have been a little slow to engage with Twitter and YouTube.

I now have a Magic Seats twitter account that has the username @MagicSeats. I am also on YouTube so that I can post my vlogs.

A quick search as MagicSeats on any of these four social sites will find us.

Following FaceBook and Twitter will allow you to follow when new blog posts are published. The Instagram accounts are used for any show pictures (if and when theatre starts again), cardistry and blog posts on IGTV.

YouTube is being used exclusively for the cardistry blogs and I am now linking through to YouTube on my blog page.

Links to all sites on top right of page on desktops and at the bottom of the page for mobile.

An RSS feed is also available to follow on the blog page.

Lastly, the Facebook page now has an associated group. Please join and lets get a discussion started with like minded people.

Please visit these sites and follow, share and like these pages.



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