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Summer Update (Tickets, Conventions and the IBM)

After the Magic Circle convention in late July, I decided to join the IBM British Ring. They always have a good presence at conventions and this year I had seen their stand at BMC and the TMC conventions. I had not thought about joining until seeing the stand at the TMC. When accessing their website and reading the benefits, I felt that I may have discovered a match to meet some of my magic requirements. The website being very informative.

The online forum/FaceBook group definitely appealed, as a communication method with other members. They also have a monthly magazine (printed or digital) with articles and occasional meet up/conventions which is UK orientated. A professional body that represents UK magicians and organises a monthly zoom meet. Ideal.

IBM membership card and pin

The application process was really fast. On completing the form and sending off the money via PayPal, I gained an email acknowledgments quickly and my application was accepted and confirmed within a 24/48 hour period. Very efficient.

On acceptance, I introduced myself on the Facebook group. Accessed the members section of the website to read the magazine and looked forward to my first Zoom meeting.

A nice touch is that you are sent a membership card and pin. Mine arrived in just over a week which was really fast.

The IBM is actually holding their annual convention in Eastbourne this September. An impressive line up of lectures and Gala show performance. More details here. I am not sure if I will get to this convention but maybe. The trouble is that you can only do so much!

One convention or perhaps a better choice of words is magic day that I have booked is the Newmarket Magic Shindig in November. Very limited places and free. I have arranged to meet some fellow magicians and meet new friends. Should be a good day and details are here.

The agenda look really good and it should be a good social.

After a quiet month of no magic shows in August as most are at the Edinburgh Fringe, I have booked a couple of shows in for October. Pete Firman and Ben Hart on two consecutive evenings in Leicester. I am still also hoping to get to see the West End Magic tour as well.

I have not see Pete perform before, though he is always touring. I am looking forward to seeing him live for the first time as part of his "TrikTok" tour. hopefully I can get a playing card signed for my collection.

I have see Ben perform last year on his "Wonder" tour. A brilliant show and his latest show "Jadoo" is also gaining excellent feedback and reviews.

Magic Seats will of course review both shows.

What have you been up to? Let us know in the comments.


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