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The Cardy Acts - Craig Diamond and John Westford

Advertised on eventbrite. Craig Diamond and John Westford are performing on Zoom at 1900 GMT.

A one hour show and £20 a ticket per screen.

The official write up below and you can book here.

The CARDY-ACTS are coming! "A show, so exciting, it could give you one!"

Starring TWO Award -Winning, World Class, Wild and Wacky Wizards from across the Pond...CRAIG DIAMOND & JOHN WESTFORD.

"Virtually" the most amazing thing you'll ever see...(at least that night, maybe even for a day or two...)

NEW YEARS EVE... That's right, NEW YEARS EVE because really, where are you going to go? And the more you drink the better this s....tuff looks. Enjoy an hour of mirth and magic, "close-up", live and interactive.

All from the comfort & safety of home on your computer, laptop or tablet.

Only ONE TICKET needed per household. WHAT A DEAL!


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