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The Latest Show News (Zoom and Theatre)

Looking through all the currently advertised shows in theatres and on Zoom, I have come across the following updates on Wednesday the 24th of June. Zoom and show listing pages updated to reflect the following:

Theatre shows have the following cancellations and revised dates showing.


  • The 4MG shows on the 31st of July are showing as CANCELLED.

  • John Archer 2020 dates now all show as CANCELLED. Shows still showing from New Year 2021.

Revised Dates

  • The Ben Hart shows for September and October are showing as TO BE RESCHEDULED. No further details as yet.

  • Luke Baker September onward shows now RESCHEDULED to February 2021.

When reviewing the Zoom shows, I could not see any changes to the advertised listings. If you become aware of any shows or wish to be listed, please let me know.


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