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The Paul Daniels Auction

For any collectors of magic and Paul Daniels, you probably already know that an auction of his posters, books, tricks and other items takes place soon on the 23rd and 24th of this month.

You can view the auction items here and you can sign up to bid online.

I've taken a look through the lots. You can save items as favourites and place your highest bid online in advance. Of course, you can also attend.

SAS (Special Auction Services)

Plenty Close



RG14 5RL

Some interesting items. Not sure if I will be lucky but there are some nearly 800 lots. I may place some low bids and hope for success.

Some of the guide prices seem quite low but guess this is just a tactic. Expect most items will go for a lot more. And of course you then have to remember the additional taxes and commissions that go on top.

There is a Houdini letter/note that will likely gather a lot of interest.

Catalogues can also be purchased in advance for £25 if you contact via email to . I have contacted them as it would be good to have the print version of the catalogue which would make a decent collectable in its own right.

Seemingly the poster collection is the largest to go under the hammer in the UK. Shame to some extent that the collection will be broken up.


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