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The Secret Magic Show - AG Magicians

I nearly didn’t post this particular show as the advert has been up a while and the actual act had not been named.

However, the supporting graphic and write up appeared professional, so I decided to keep an eye on the ad in case any more details became apparent.

While the supporting wording is still non descriptive without info about the magicians in the eventbrite ad, the supporting graphic has now changed and mentioned an act called AG Magicians.

After a quick google, it appears that they have a site and are described as Alex and George, a pair of father-and-son professional magicians who have been entertaining together for over 10 years.

Advertised for the 14th of November at 1900 GMT with the price at £5.99.

Visit eventbrite here for more details or read below.

Do you believe in the unbelievable? Have you experienced the uncanny? Can you feel the magic around you?

YOU WILL BELIEVE IN MAGIC Have you ever had an experience that you cannot explain?⁠⁠ Magic and mysteries appear when the limits of science and technology are reached and explanations disappear. That is precisely where the Secret Magic Show sits - at the limits of all imagination, where the uncanny comes to life. The uncanny is a flickering sense of something being not quite right; maybe it's a weird glimpse of the supernatural, that strange feeling of uncertainty, or a mysterious apparition that chills you to the bone? ⁠ Perhaps you've always been drawn to these feelings? Perhaps you're one of the special few who know about the secrets? Maybe you will be the one who brings magic to us? One thing is guaranteed: You will believe in magic! Join us for an evening of deceptive delights, magical mysteries, uniquely uncanny experiences and the strange and spooky goings on behind the Secret Magic Show!



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