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Copy of Magic Seats (1920 × 500px).png
Copy of Magic Seats (1920 × 500px).png

The Ultimate Drunken Deck

Things have been a little quiet magic wise since the LMN "Magic Spectacular" show, but I needed a bit of a rest.

One thing that did catch my eye on the magic front is the new Kickstarter campaign from Chris Dugdale for "The Ultimate Drunken Deck".

I mentioned this was available on the blog and I have since ordered a deck. It will be a nice collectable as the perks/rewards are pretty good.

Take a look at the video on the Kickstarter page here as Iam not able to embed the video. I have gone for the VIP perk.

This is only the third time that the product has gone on sale within the last 20 years. A difficult effect to come by otherwise.

Hopefully this will achieve funding. This would be a nice routine to learn. Should be fun.


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