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Tour Listings - Latest Updates and Cancellations

A very quiet week for online show announcements. Not entirely surprising with the end of the Summer and the opportunity for outside socially distanced shows now finished. Indoor shows appear rare, the exceptions being Sonic (Tony Middleton), Ben Hart and Magical Bones. Also with the timing of new restrictions and possibly more lockdown measures, online will likely also take precedence for most future announced shows.

One online show that sounds good and is advertised on eventbrite is“Savour The Sea From a Distance” – A Virtual Magic Show By Vincenzo Ravina. A number of shows are advertised and I am attending one of the shows tomorrow. Cannot wait and I will post a review early next week.

I should note that I am only able to publish shows that I think will be of particular interest to those who follow this blog (due to time constraint) and with times that are generally more UK friendly. You should note that eventbrite is a good site to search for worldwide online Zoom magic shows.

Not a tour but will be of interest. The Blackpool Magic convention for 2021 was postponed until 2022.


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