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Tour Listings - Latest Updates and Cancellations

Quite a busy week for new online shows that were advertised.

Please check the blog for the full posts.

Billy Reid Is advertising his “Watch Closely“ show. Two shows today (Saturday 10th Oct) at 1430 and 1930. £11.37 a ticket. Official site to buy tickets at eventbrite.

Also today and available on eventbrite here is the Funny Bald Guy - Harris Fellman. In the UK starting at 1900 with opportunity to log on from 1845. For the tickets, you can pay what you want. The site makes suggestions.

Justin Willman also also been advertising a new show for Halloween. At the time of writing, a few shows have been announced which include a UK/European friendly time as well. Reasonable ticket cost and shows are available on eventbrite.

An evening (In) of Deception also had a new date in November announced with Richard Parsons, Kerry Scorah and Mark Shortland. Announced for Friday the 13th of November at 7pm. Tickets can be booked via eventbrite here.

Mark Shortland has also announced some of his own solo Zoom shows. Friday the 16th of October and Saturday the 24th of October. To book, visit his website here. Or you can view his trailer here.

And in the rush to announce Halloween shows, David Peace and Steve Spade are also advertising a Halloween show. 31st October at 8pm. Details on eventbrite if you are interested.

For those interested in magic history, ”The Golden Age of Magic” is an online show on Friday the 13th of November at 1800 GMT for 45 minutes. For details and book, visit here.

Lastly, Penn & Teller announced their UK tour for 2021. Please see the full blog posts for more details. Touring the UK in June 2021, tickets go on sale this Friday the 9th of October at 10am.

8 shows are taking place in Birmingham, Manchester and London. AEG are promoting. Details here.


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