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Tour Listings - Latest Updates and Cancellations

I attempt to update the tour listings pages and keep them updated regularly on the site.

Recently, many changes, cancellations and last minute shows have made it more difficult to update the tour pages.

To make things easier to communicate news about shows, I have started using the blog more to let you know about last minute live performances as and when I find out. Therefore, keep a regular eye on the blog for show news.

This week, I have shared info about a lot of new online shows for Magic Singh, Justin Willman and a Night (In) of Deception.

Socially distanced tours dates have also featured on the blog include Tom Brace, Tony Middleton (Sonic), Mandy Muden, Ben Hart and Got Talent Live.

Lastly we shared news that the Craig Christian (featuring Elizabeth) dates for 2020 were confirmed as postponed until 2021.

Take a look at all the blog posts for the week for more information.


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