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UK Online Magic Lessons/Videos/Learning

Only a few years ago, it was difficult to find more than a few UK magic streaming sites that offered video lessons and even zoom and group lessons. Dependant on what you were after, you possibly had to look at overseas options.

Within the last couple of years, more new sites have launched that are UK based. Here is a summary of those that I know exist. If anything majpr is missing, please let me know or make a note in the comments.

The write ups are not reviews and are for information purposes only. For those sites that I have used and have personal experience, I have noted additional thoughts.

The Netrix

Run by Craig Petty. Three levels of membership are offered with different benefits being bronze, silver and gold. Bronze offers a comprehensive set of videos/instruction starting from £14.99 a month. Silver is £29.99 and Gold £99.99. Silver offering lots of additional benefits include marketing help. Then Gold offers fortnightly one on one calls along with weekly accountability courses.

SFM - Steve Faulkner's Online Magic

One of the early market leaders with Steve working and continually adding videos to this site which now has over 500 instruction videos. As well as a comprehensive set of cardistry videos and effects, Steve runs a zoom meet at regular intervals for members to join. Also an online community for all members. The monthly fee is reasonable at the current rate of £9.99. Suitable for beginners to advanced/professionals. I have personally used Steve's site to master general cardistry in the past and found it most useful. Probably the course that I am most likely to resubscribe to.

RSVP Magic Online

Russ Stevens video streaming site which has over 100 videos. No contract and you pay monthly at £9.99. A three day trial is also available so that you can check out the suitability. I have had limited exposure to using this site.

E-Club Pro

Run by Mark Leveridge with Lite, pro and Elite versions available. Lite being free, pro the standard paid for service and then elite. The free version basically being newsletters and offers. Pro is over 1,000 pages of advice along with pro videos and newsletter. Then the elite is further exclusive elite materials and discounts. Pro is £12 and Elite is £20 a month.

The Magic Hour - Magic School

This site is ideal for those just starting out and wanting to learn magic. Sonic (Tony Middleton) has created an excellent set of videos. While I do not believe any new content is now added, it is still an extremely good value option to start off learning for a reasonable cost. The videos are also excellent and include lots of explanations, self workers to more advanced. 100+ videos for £4.99. A good starting place for instruction videos.

Vincent Academy

The site that I am least familiar with but of course, Michael Vincent is very well known. The site doesn't appear particularly up to date, but most of the offering appears to be coaching online and courses. Certainly worth contacting the site if you review and it meets your needs. So while not videos like the other services, (or at least not to the same extent) it could be a valuable learning source.

The London Magic School

This is run by Thomas Dixon for children, which includes video learning courses that includes card magic. As online, you can sign up from anywhere to participate despite the London name. Ideal for beginners and intermediate level. Thomas has practiced magic for over 13 years and taught for over three. Prices on application.


This is a 7 day course with 1.5 hours of video to assist learning. 4 sections with 41 lectures. Covers cards tricks, coins and other random objects. £29.99 is the cost, though new learner offers are advertised at £15.99. Quite a lot though for just 1.5 hours of instructon compared to the others.

I hope that you have found this list of course and online streaming videos useful. Please let us know in the comments your thoughts and any additions that we have missed.



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