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Vassilis Presents "A Call To Minds"

Vassilis is advertising a show on eventbrite.

Taking place on Sunday the 6th of June at 19:00 for two hours.

Tickets from £5.98 and you can book here.

Official details below:

An interactive online magical experience involving the mind of Vassilis and yours - from the comfort of your own home!

About this Event

Would you like a live video call different from every single video call you have had until today? One that will take you in a mental and emotional journey during which you will have your thoughts read, you will witness objects moving only with the power of your mind and experience weird psychic phenomena happening in your own hands? Vassilis invites you to a video call exactly like that!

In this interactive show you can participate on your own, or bring your friends and family together. Using materials and objects from around the house Vassilis will lead you to a unique experience exploring the mysteries of your own demeanour, unconscious mind, memories and emotions in an enjoyable and kind-hearted way, based on extreme empathy and deep human connection.

So grab a drink, sit back and enjoy the journey!



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