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Wij Siva Online Show

Wij Siva is advertising live shows on Zoom. Canadian mentalist and magician.

Taking place on Saturday the 14th of November at 1am. Ticket price is 25CDN and shows are restricted to 25 screens per show.

Details and booking information available on eventbrite here. Eventbrite write up follows:

Join Wij Siva, master magician and mentalist for an unforgettable evening. Expect to be astonished, to laugh out loud and be thoroughly entertained while your minds are blown!

Wij's show performances have taken him to four continents, as far away as Malaysia, Brazil and Germany.

Wij has performed on numerous television shows, for celebrities, and at the world renowned Magic Castle in Hollywood.

  • Expect Wij to pluck thoughts, words, names & other personal info. from your mind.

  • Is it possible to Predict Human Behaviour? See for yourself.

  • Lie To Me… If You Can! Wij the Human Lie Detector.

  • Amazing visual, eye poping Sleight of Hand Magic. Blink and you'll miss it.

Mind numbing, jaw dropping Magic and other mind mysteries.

This show is engaging, inexplicable and highly entertaining. Even the most skeptical audience will be astounded. A fun interactive show for an adult audience.

All Times are in Eastern Standard Time (EST):

On Zoom - Eastern Time (US & Canada)

8:40 pm - Zoom Room Doors Open: Grab a drink and enter the Zoom room. Meet your performer and get to know each other before the show starts.

9:00 pm - Show Time: The show runs about an hour (9-10pm).

Virtual Show - How it works on Zoom:

The day before the event, you will be sent an email with the Zoom link and login details for you to click on for the live performance. When you click on the link, it will open up in your default web browser.

You don't need to download the Zoom software on your computer or tablet but it is recommended for a better virtual experience. You can download zoom (it's free) here:

Even though this is a virtual show, it's still very interactive! You get to see and hear each other on camera and interact with the performer just like you would in a live theatre show.

What You Need:

The virtual show is best experienced on a tablet, laptop or desktop computer (Not on a smart phone ! )The bigger the viewing screen on your device, the better the virtual experience.

High speed internet is also mandatory for smooth uninterrupted live stream video.

You also need a webcam (either a built in laptop/tablet camera or a separate webcam you can plug into your computer.

All participants will be asked to TURN ON their camera/webcam during the show as it's an integral part of Wij's interactive virtual show.

Our Professional Virtual Set Up:

We use a high definition video camera system that allows for multiple angles and zoom capabilities (Not a cheap low quality stationary webcam).

Our professional video system, high quality mic and professional studio lighting set-up, gives our participants the best virtual show experience possible, as we are able to zoom in and out and offer multi angle views for a better virtual show experience.

Limited tickets for good reason.

Wij has performed virtual shows for groups of over a 100, but with larger groups, there is a downside. That is, you don't get to interact with everyone.

For this specific reason, Wij has limited the number of tickets per show to 25. By limiting the number of participants, the performer will get to interact with most or all of the participants.

With a small intimate group, you'll get you very own personal magical experience you can share with your friends.

Tickets ! How many do I need?

This virtual ticket is good for viewing the show on a single device.

If you are a couple and plan on watching the show on a single device, then you only need one ticket purchase BUT if you plan on watching the show on 2 separate individual devices, please purchase 2 tickets.

Buying tickets for my family & friends

If you are buying additional tickets for family and friends as a gift so that they can join you and experience this together, you can purchase additional tickets. When you purchase multiple tickets, Wij will contact you via email for the names & email addresses of the people whom you bought the tickets for so that they will be emailed separately the Zoom login details.

Book Now To Ensure Ticket Availability, Before It Sells Out Again ! 

Recommendations & Suggestions:

Make it a Date Night with your loved one.

Dinner & Show: Make it a Date Night. Order in or cook a homemade meal together, then get cosy and step into our virtual world.

Meet up with Friends & Family while Social Distancing.

Cocktails & Show: If you are looking to get together virtually with friends and family, to engage and bond with each other, now you can while still social distancing. Grab a drink, connect with friends virtually and enjoy the show from the comfort of your home.  

Please Note: Restricted to 19+. This is not a "children's magic show", the show is geared for adults.

For more information, please contact Wij Siva at


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