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WMA - Magic Convention 2024

It seems that we are being spoilt rotten with so many Magic Conventions this year.

While I have been unable to attend BMC this year, I am looking forward to the IBM conference later in the year. Tickets booked along with accommodation. And of course, we still have the TMC conference and many others.

This week I came across the Wessex Magical Association - Magic Convention 2024 being advertised. This is quite soon on Sunday the 24-March in Bournemouth. The day consisting of the main convention and then a Gala show in the evening.

Lectures during the day include Luke Jermay, Craig Petty, Oliver Tabor and James Brown. A really excellent set of lectures and a dealer hall too.

The Gala show consists of a brilliant line up that includes Ryland Petty, Katherine Rhodes, Oliver Tabor and Jay and Joss. MC is Wayne Trice.

It is important to note that separate tickets are required for the convention and Gala show. To attend both you will need two tickets.

Convention tickets are £30 per adult and children accompanied by an adult are free. The Gala show is £15 per adult and £10 for children/juniors.

For more details, visit the official site here.


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