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Sean Bless is advertising a Zoom show that takes place on the 24th of April from 2000 BST.

£5 per screen.

Bookable via eventbrite.

Official details below:

About this Event

​Sean Bless presents a mind-blowing and hilarious Zoom experience for the entire family. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, having a party or even craving live entertainment, Sean will certainly bring joy and amazement to your gathering. During the performance, Sean will be able to see, hear and interact with the audience, so he invites you, your friends and family to join him for this truly unique experience. Each ticket allows viewing on one device, so you can watch the fun solo or with friends and family. Get your tickets now! HOW IT WORKS:

Tickets costs £5 per household.

The day before the event you will receive an email with the Zoom login information for the show. If you haven’t already, you can download Zoom now:

The “doors” will open 30 minutes before the shows start time. You will be checked in and allowed entry once the show is ready to begin.

Your video will be live, but your microphone will be muted to begin. You may be unmuted at times throughout the show to interact with Sean. There are multiple tricks with interaction with all attendees –make sure you have a calculator nearby

Enjoy the show! Enquire now for availability and any other questions at



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