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Ben Hanlin Poster 

This poster was available to be purchased, signed from Ben's website.

A simple poster that is A3 in size and states Ben's name.

The artwork is the same as the "50" tour poster art.

Having previously seen Ben perform live, the poster appealed to me.

Released:  Not known.  Perhaps 2019 onward as similar to "50" artwork.

Edition: N/A.

Message: N/A.

Size:  A3

Purchased: Direct purchase from in November 2020

Chris Cross Poster

This purchase came about while actively looking for magicians who sell signed posters online.

I immediately liked the retro feel of the poster which is called "The Great Magician of the North".  It is created by Erica Flannes, a tattoo artist from Hell's Kitchen, New York.

Purchased at the time with a signed book (please see books page)

Released:  2018

Edition: Signed by Chris Cross.

Message: "To Martin... Magic! Chris Cross 2020".

Size:  A3

Purchased: Direct purchase from in October 2020

Darcy Oake Poster

This poster was advertised to support Darcy's Zoom show of the same name in December 2020.

A limited run of just 50 signed posters though unfortunately not numbered.  Celebrating the online show that was advertised for the 19th of December at 1900 for the UK and Europe.  Mine is number 7 of 50.

Released:  December 2020.

Edition: Signed by Darcy Oake in gold pen.  No 7 of 50.

Message: "To Martin, Best Wishes, Darcy Oake"

Size:  A3

Purchased: Direct purchase from eventbrite in December 2020 when purchasing show tickets. No longer available.

Dynamo - "Avoiding The Straight Lines" Poster Print

This was a Christmas present for 2020 from my wife - Nadine.  As framed with a perspex glass, it does not photograph well.  Hence a pic from the Dynamo website.

A limited edition lithograph poster print that is signed by Dynamo in gold pen and numbered.

My edition is number 409 of 1000.  At time of writing, this is still available to buy.  Now hanging on display in my home office.

Released:  Not known but guessing 2019/2020 onwards.

Edition: Signed by Dynamo and numbered 409 of 1000.

Message: N/A.

Size:  A1

Purchased: Direct purchase from in December 2020

Jay & Joss Poster

Jay & Joss were advertising Zoom shows in the October 2020.

They offered a package of a ticket and a signed poster.  As A5 in size, the picture arrived in a plastic wallet and is signed in gold by both performers.

A nice souvenir of the show which I also reviewed for this site..

Released:  October 2020.

Edition: Signed by Jay & Joss (Jamie Docherty and Lewis Joss).

Message: N/A.

Size:  A5

Purchased: Received as part of a ticket package for an online show in 2020.

Paul Daniels - Signed Tour Poster

The magician Chris Cross originally put one of these signed tour posters on e-bay which I really wanted earlier in 2021.  At the time I lost the bid, but thankfully he had another for sale.

This is a lovely A3 sized poster which is signed by Paul, Debbie McGee and Chris Cross.

Really lucky to own this and advertised one of the last shows before Paul's death.

As sourced from the magician Chris Cross, who knew Paul, you cannot beat that for authenticity.

Richard Jones "Escape" 2020 Tour Poster

I was able to see the Escape tour in 2019.  While I was able to get a selfie of with Richard after his show, I wasn't so much into the collectible side of things at that time.

Available on Richard's website, this was a bargain as for the purchase of this poster, I also received "The Military Illusionist" signed poster along with a note from Richard addressed to me.

Released:  2020.

Edition: Signed by Richard Jones.

Message: "Always Believe In The Impossible!".

Size:  A3

Purchased: Direct purchase from - October 2020

Richard Jones "The Military Illusionist" Poster

This was an extra bonus poster from Richard when I was purchasing the "Escape" tour poster.

A nice surprise to receive and while the picture of Richard is the same as more recent posters, the supporting graphics are different.  I also have a smaller signed A4 version of this same poster that came with a magic set that I purchased from Richard - now framed and display in my home office.

Released:  2017+ at a guess.

Edition: Signed by Richard Jones.

Message: "Always Believe In The Impossible!".

Size:  A3

Purchased: Direct purchase from - October 2020


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