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Jay & Joss Live Shows 2021

Jay & Joss had to cancel many of their live shows for 2021. Though of course, they are performing regularly online. Here are the latest dates that are available for performances at Butlins and a drive in performance. Visit the Jay & Joss site for bookings and latest information here. May 2021 Monday 31st May – Butlins (Minehead) June 2021 Tuesday 1st June – Butlins (Bognor) Wednesday 2nd june – Butlins (Skegness) July 2021 Saturday 17th July – ‘Drive in’ performance | Available Soon October 2021 Monday 25th October – Butlins (Minehead) Tuesday 26th October – Butlins (Bognor) Wednesday 27th October – Butlins (Skegness)

Interview with Chris Fleming - Elite Magician & Mind Reader

When interviewing any artist, we like to offer something different. In this instance, Chris' credentials as an international performer are impressive. A successful artist and member of the Magic Circle, who until lockdown was performing internationally for large corporations and cruise ships. Not one to give up during lockdown, Chris has successfully launched a virtual Zoom show and even featured on ITV news. Take a look at his social sites and you will instantly see how much he has been in demand. Disney, Microsoft and many other international corporations, and of course the world’s largest Cruise Ship (Royal Caribbean's Oasis Of The Seas). From London, Chris blends the magic style of Dynamo with mentalist Derren Brown. Having performed for many recognisable household names, including Kanye West, Rhianna, Ronaldinho and The Queen. A busy entertainer who has also acted as a consultant for TV and films, which also includes making an appearance on Now You See Me 2. His big break was working with magician Zlwin Chew, and also he had a successful residency at Asia's largest nightclub ZOUK. Magic Seats - Thank you Chris for agreeing to be interviewed. You are multi-talented and I know that you have studied music, acting and dance. Do you ever incorporate any of these additional skills into your act as a magician? Chris Fleming - My journey to magic was not the usual one, I've been a lifelong fan of magic but I didn't actually perform magic till I was in my 20's. I think this has given me a creative advantage because I'm able to empathise with laymen far more and create routines with a lot more self awareness. Whilst it's not impossible to do this if your entire life has been about magic, it is far easier if you're coming from the outside in. I wouldn't say I intentionally incorporate my skills into routines simply for the sake of it, but having those skills in my back pocket allows me to be more self sufficient (for example, if I need a specific piece of music I'll just create it myself instead of hiring a musician to do it). Magic Seats - The ability to create your own music is handy. I appreciate how useful that can be with your music matching the mood and timing of your performance. Prior to lockdown, you spent a large part of your time travelling internationally. You worked on cruise ships, worked with Zlwin Chew, held residencies, and even worked for major corporations such as Disney, the BBC and Microsoft. What have you missed the most about your usual lifestyle performing prior to the new world of Zoom? Chris Fleming - I miss travelling and experiencing how different cultures and nationalities react to magic. In 'real life' with magic it's rare that no two events you perform at are exactly the same. Whereas with Zoom shows, sure the audiences change but you're still in your house. That being said, I have absolutely loved the convenience of virtual shows and I've been honestly busier than ever, so from a business point of view that has been fantastic! Magic Seats - That's good to know that your Virtual show has been a great success. I know that you even promoted it on ITV news. TV, film and media have become an important part of your work. I understand that you act as a magic consultant for TV and film and even appeared in “Now You See Me 2”. That’s an interesting line of work. How did you get into consultancy for media? Chris Fleming - I got into consultancy by accident from having done acting and background work in the past. I'm very lucky that I have friends in all areas of the entertainment industry, so when they're working on a project and they need somebody to advise on magic, I pop into their head. Magic Seats - Having so many connections must be useful. You are of course known for mentalism, Zoom, close up, corporate and even stage magic. What do you prefer? Chris Fleming - That's like asking a parent which their favourite child is! It's hard to compare because they're all completely different beasts, I love the thrill and adrenaline rush you get with stage magic, I love the interaction and intimacy of close up and I love the convenience of Zoom. However if we're going down the route of picking between magic and mentalism, I'm sure it's no surprise that I'd pick mentalism. From experience it resonates far more with audiences than magic, they can often explain away magic as sleight of hand/misdirection (even if none of that is involved) yet I've found that they don't rationalise mentalism the same way they do magic. Magic Seats - Certainly mentalism is very popular on Zoom. Your resume of achievements is impressive. What is your highlight career wise to date? Chris Fleming - I think managing to somehow pull off a headline show for a packed cruise ship audience with 30 minutes notice is definitely a highlight, just for the sheer craziness of it.
I'm sat slobbing out eating dinner whilst watching The Office, and then 30 mins later I'm on stage doing a show for 2,000 people. To this day this is something that I'm both amused and amazed by. Magic Seats - That was a tall demand. That's not long at all but bet you cannot wait to perform in front of real audiences again post COVID. What is next for the future, any plans that you can share? Any new ventures or perhaps new services that you will be offering on your website? Chris Fleming - I think we'd all agree that the last year has taught us that sometimes it's not easy to stick to plans. One advantage that I forgot to mention about having had a fairly unique path into magic is that I'm more used to 'going with the flow' than some other magicians who might be a bit more set in their ways. This has allowed me to adapt relatively easily. I've always been of the mindset that if it seems fun then I'll do it, so who knows what will happen in the not too distant future, but I'm here for the ride. However, I do plan to continue offering virtual shows to clients along with in-person appearances as I believe there is a future for virtual events, at least in some sort of hybrid capacity. I'm currently creating a totally new virtual show, as well as a new stage act ready for when cruise ships eventually start sailing properly again. Magic Seats - Sounds like you have lots planned and have kept busy over lockdown. Thank you Chris for your time today. Good luck with your future plans and for the continued success of your Virtual Magic show. To learn more about Chris and his available services, take a look at his website and social links below: Website FaceBook YouTube Instagram ENQUIRIES: +44 (0) 7795663888/INFO@CHRISFLEMINGMAGIC.COM

Ava Beaux - Online Show

Ava is advertising an online show on Zoom for Friday the 16th of April (today), for one hour at 1900 BST. Tickets are available on Eventbrite here and are £27.54 each. An evening's enchantment from your sofa. Craving live entertainment? Magician Ava Beaux is bringing her slick, unique magic into homes across the UK and beyond, with her charming online magic show.
Described as endearing and witty, with a great skill for storytelling, Ava will draw you into her quirky world of impossible illusions with a fully interactive virtual performance. Tickets are limited due to the intimate nature of the show, so it is recommended to book soon to avoid disappointment.

Moments in Time - Virtual Magic Show

Sieko Magic is advertising weekly shows every Friday in April. The show has already been running and further shows are taking place on the 16th, 23rd and 30th of April. Starting at 8pm BST and lasting 45 minutes. Ticket prices are in Euros and range from €14.52 – €30.25. Standard ticket per screen is available and a VIP meet and greet ticket in limited numbers. Official write up below: Moments in Time is a virtual magic show that will blow your mind. Presented by International Magician Sieko. About this Event
Start: 8:00 pm (London)GMT, 9:00 (Barcelona, Amsterdam, Berlin)GMT +1, 10:00pm South Africa GMT +2

Spain’s most exclusive virtual magic show! From the heart of Catalonia in the small town of Sitges a place where everything is magical. I am exited to present my parlour show “Moments in Time” to you in a zoom format. Perfect for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. Join me for a show that will leave you with a sense of wonder.

What to expect:

Duration: 45 mins

The show itself, features some amazing conjuring, skilled sleight of hand and clever psychology. The show is interactive and child friendly. If you want to participate don’t forget to bring a deck of cards!

I have created single tickets, family tickets and a limited number of VIP tickets

An Evening of Fun and Magic

An evening of fun and magic - Fancy having your mind blown? Well this is the event for you - all proceeds go to charity Tickets are £15 each and available on eventbrite here. Taking place on Friday the 16th of April. Chris Howat is performing along with Oisin Foley and Ryan Roworth. Chris advised on FaceBook: I’m hosting a evening of fun and magic for charity I came across the Carter family at the end of last year when I was asked to donate a prize in a raffle they held. I have followed their journey since then and have decided I would do what I can to help. This is their gofund me page - if you’re not able to come or want to help and donate then all support is appreciated

Down to 1 - Charity Fundraiser with Chris Dugdale (UK Friendly Showtime)

Due to popular demand after his initial public shows in March, Chris Dugdale is back with his amazing "Down to 1" show. This latest show is in aid of a charity - Thames Hospice in the UK. A thank you from Chris, so that he can raise funds for them. The great news is that this show is ideally timed for European and UK audiences with a 1900 GMT start. Or1400 EST. Show length is 45 minutes and takes place on the 22nd of April. Read a spoiler-free show review here. Tickets can be purchased via eventbrite. Cost is only £22.15 “Down to One” is a journey of magic and binary mind-control , hosted by Magician & Entertainer, Chris Dugdale About this Event
“Down to One” is a journey of magic and binary mind-control on Zoom, culminating in one random audience member determining the success or failure of each individual show. What starts off as a highly interactive magic show quickly evolves into a mind control act.
Suitable for 12 years and over.

The Webcam Circus Show (English)by Tonino Scalia

Four shows are currently planned. Saturday 17th and Sunday the 18th of April. Then again on Saturday the 24th and Sunday the 25th. All shows at 1700 BST. Bookable via eventbrite and tickets are only £12 for single admission or £30 for families allowing up to three screens to join the show. Official details below. Live interactive virtual online show for families and kids. A clown and a ringmaster introduce the circus world. Funny clown Innovative show About this Event You might have been to a real-life circus, but you have certainly never been to our Webcam Circus, where animals, magicians and clowns are just at your fingertips behind a computer screen. As ringmaster Monsieur Loyal illustrates the best tricks and acts that made the history of circus as we know it, using old and brand new real footage, his nephew Clown Ninetto keeps the audience digitally engaged with improbable jugglery acts, unforgettable drama games, more interactive activities for families and beyond. Brought to you by international circus artist and physical theatre performer Tonino Scalia.
Don't miss some theatrical festive fun this year and join us on your favourite sofa!
Pets, teddies and besties are welcome. Please note: This is an online show. Book your tickets and you will receive a unique code to access the show. Contact us for discounts and learning material for group bookings. Also, this is an international treat: The show is available in English, French and Italian.
Age 5+

Magic from the Twilight Lodge – Virtual Magic Show By Vincenzo Ravina

Vincenzo Ravina has been performing his new show for 2021 and looks really good. "Magic from the Twilight Lodge". Love the title and it all sounds very mysterious and intriguing - very Twin Peaks! I previously attended and reviewed his "Savour the Sea from a Distance" show and I really enjoyed it. I may even book this one as he is excellent. The time for the show on Saturday April the 17th is really UK friendly at 2000 BST. Tickets are purchased via eventbrite and are advertised as pay what you can. Payments in Canadian dollars. Official write up below: About this Event "Beautifully done... You got so much out of this."
- Penn Jillette, Penn & Teller
"Truly remarkable magic."
- Mark Robins, Halifax Presents
"Loved the show... Brilliant. I have never seen anything like that."
- Martin Brophy,
Hello, my name is Vincenzo Ravina. I'm a magician and... a collector of weird stuff.
In this unusual interactive show, I'll invite you into a pocket universe, a dimension beyond that which is known to humankind, and take you on a guided, interactive tour of my collection of magical artifacts. During our tour of the Twilight Lodge, we'll bestow luck to the unlucky, see what's inside the Anything Box, try to divine the future, and maybe even test out a Coincidence Machine.
Magic from the Twilight Lodge is absurd and fun and unlike other magic shows you're likely to see.
As an audience member, you'll be participating and making choices that alter the course of the experience all the way through. You'll need a working camera and microphone to participate. Tickets are per household, so bring your friends and family along!
You will be emailed a Zoom link before the day of the event. If you do not get the Zoom link, please email vravina (at) gmail (dot) com.
Q: How does this actually work?
A: You buy a ticket (Pay What You Can) and a day before the event, I'll send you the Zoom link! On the day of the event, you join the Zoom meeting and I take you on a tour of weird magical artifacts. At several points during the show, I'll ask people to unmute to participate in the show, perhaps by choosing a number or colour, flipping a coin, or by playing a game with me. Their choices will affect the course of the show. The show runs about 40 - 50 minutes.
Q: How much should I pay for a ticket?
A: It's completely up to you. If you want to grab a ticket for a dollar, go for it. I don't mind. I'd love to have you at my show.
Q: Do I need one ticket for each person?
A: No, the tickets are per device, so however many people you can crowd around your computer screen is OK!
Q: Do I need to download Zoom?
A: Yes, please! Download it before the show at If you already have it downloaded, for the best experience, I recommend checking that your Zoom app is updated. I also suggest you attend the show on your computer rather than a phone, and have a direct ethernet connection to your computer or try to be close to your wireless router to avoid laggy internet.
Q: Is this show for kids?
A: Though the show is not inappropriate for children, the magic is not directed toward children, and is best enjoyed by adults who appreciate the absurd.
Q: Do I have to be on camera?
A: No, but the show is much better if you are! I promise that no audience member is insulted, embarrassed, or made fun of during the show. And if you do participate, you won't be doing anything too difficult: you won't be asked to do math or recite Shakespeare. If you can play tic-tac-toe, that's about as complicated as things get.
Q: Is the show any good?
A: I don't know, but here's what some total strangers who have seen the show have said:
"Truly remarkable magic."
"Thank you for thoroughly blowing our minds!"
"Imaginative, well written, with some strong magic moments."
Q: My alarm clock keeps screaming and bleeding?
A: That's great to hear. You sound like exactly the kind of person who should come to my show!
Q: Are you available for private bookings?
A: I sure am! Email me at vravina (at) gmail (dot) com.
Q: I would like to buy you a cup of coffee.
A: That's not a question, but, you certainly can! PayPal me at
Q: I have a question that is not on this list.
A: Email me at and I'll be happy to answer it!

New Interview with Chris Fleming - Out This Saturday the 17th!

I am excited to share that my latest interview will be with Chris Fleming! A very successful artist who gains a lot of international work. Our chat will be posted this Saturday the 17th of April in this blog, and also within the interview section on this site. An insightful chat with Chris, who discusses his life as an international magician, mentalism, and working as a magic consultant. Not one to give up during lockdown, Chris has also successfully launched a virtual Zoom show that we discuss. Take a look at his social sites and you will instantly see how much he has been in demand. Disney, Microsoft and many other international corporations, and of course the world’s largest Cruise Ship (Royal Caribbean's Oasis Of The Seas). To learn more about Chris and his available services, take a look at his website and social links below: Website FaceBook YouTube Instagram ENQUIRIES: +44 (0) 7795663888/INFO@CHRISFLEMINGMAGIC.COM

My Week In Magic - Update 33

I was able to attend a few more online shows this week that I reviewed. First up was “Another Night (IN) of Deception with Richard Parsons, Kerry Scorah and Mark Shortland. An excellent show with high production values. Read the review here. On Friday, I attended the latest Angus Baskerville online show. Another excellent show and I carried out a mini review. Richard Jones was also back with a new show. I watched that one tonight and I have just posted the review at nearly 1 am this morning. An amazing show and you can read it here. I have also been working with the founders of the Leicester Magicians Network (LMN) to produce a series of interviews for May. Adam Edgeley, Ian Gamage, Pete Whitmore and Scot Jerram. It will be a good series of interviews. Also, I am working with Chris Fleming who is an international magician. The draft is now finished and going through reviews. Should be out next week. Film wise, I thought I would watch Now You See Me. A group of magicians/illusionists who rob a bank. Struggling a little bit with it to be honest and havent completed it yet at time of writing. I finally purchased some image manipulation software to help with the site. I bought Corel PaintShop Pro, as you can buy it outright rather than have to sign up to a subscription. It will be a steep learning curve and I have already used it to give the homepage for desktop and mobile a further lick of paint. Hopefully it looks professional. Mid-week on Wednesday, we had another LMN workshop. An excellent card workshop hosted by Scot Jerram. This week was called semi-automatic miracles. A good range of routines for all skill levels. I particularly liked a poker hand routine. Thanks Scot. Collectables wise, I was pleased with a couple of new additions. I purchased some original Mark Shortland artwork and the deck of cards that feature the original picture purchased. All signed. The collectables pages have been updated and you should check out the new additions page in particular. Next week, I am going to an LMN workshop and a pro lecture. Also have the BMC online convention at the weekend. Well, I hope you all enjoy your weekend, I will definitely be spending some time today working on my latest interviews. Thanks all Martin

Review Of Richard Jones Virtual Magic Show - April 2021 (Spoiler-Free)

Richard Jones is back with a brand new online public show for 2021! The show took place on Saturday the 10th of April at 1900 and it was approximately 45 minutes long. It was a totally new set as he wanted to present fresh material for those who have joined previous public performances. On the day of the show, a lot of excited audience members waited for the show to start. Though eventbrite emails you regularly with joining details, Richard also posted instructions on FaceBook for everyone to follow. At peak, 75 screens were logged in to watch and approximately 150 audience members viewing if not a bit more. Cost is per screen so you could in theory have a whole family watching. Good value for an online show by an established Magic Circle and BGT winner of 2016. While waiting for the show to start, the audience was greeted with a count down and a good playlist of songs to put you in the mood. The show audience attracted a wide range of ages from children to adults, some also joined internationally. A sold out show. Once the show started, a video montage played. All were pleased to see Richard and the show was very interactive. As usual, he got a great response and he had a lot of his regular followers in attendance who he is familiar with. Richard attempted to chat with as many audience members as possible. For those wanting to interact and participate, you were encouraged to to have your camera on so that he knows that you are up for joining in. Most parts of the show included audience interaction. My wife and I were lucky enough to get involved with making decisions during a card routine with very atmospheric lighting, set and music. An enjoyable moment for both of us and a great routine. Richard was quite experimental in this show, taking a fresh approach to some of his presentation with great success. The entire show was enhanced with video, graphics and lots of music. Effects performed ranged from card magic, mentalism and lots of different props used for some routines. As always, I wish I could tell you more but it is important that reviews and the supporting photos are kept spoiler free. Richard has obviously put in a lot of effort into preparing all aspects of this show. I know he spent a considerable amount of time rehearsing the new material. When performing a quite famous routine, Richard put his own unique spin on the routine which kept it fresh and he created WOW moments that you were not expecting - how did he do that? Very impressive. Narration and story telling remained an important part of Richard's performance as always. He is always descriptive and related well to his audience, telling stories. Richard also likes giveaways and a lucky audience member won some excellent prizes. It should also be noted that Richard has also revamped his studio and the technology that he uses in recent months, so the quality of the live stream on Zoom is very good. His studio is also impressive and it gives him plenty of space to perform. It should also be noted that Richard is not only performing but operating his multiple cameras and controlling the sound and videos throughout the show. A brilliant setup which delivers the best quality production. In summary, an excellent show from an established name in magic. Very enjoyable and fun at a reasonable cost. Lots of new material and loads of interaction with the audience. If you missed this show and have an interest in magic, you need to book as and when any future public shows are announced. If you would like to know more about Richard Jones, check out his Facebook page as I am aware that more shows are likely to follow. His page is always the best place to get his latest news along with his live FaceBook streams. I of course also publish dates of Richard's shows in the blog once announced. Service wise, Richard is also available for corporate shows and private bookings. He also has a 2021 and 2022 live tour and the dates are listed after the gallery of pictures below. It should be noted that for any collectors of magic, Richard does sell merchandise that includes signed posters in his store, along with magic sets and other items. The magic sets are also currently being sold as signed, ideal for any collector. Website Magic Academy Shop FaceBook Instagram Twitter UK THEATRE SHOW DATES Some venues are yet to make the tickets live on their websites.
In this instance please call the Box Office. 2021
BRISTOL – REDGRAVE THEATRE – October 4th – 0117 3157 602
CHESTERFIELD – THE POMEGRANATE THEATRE – October 14th – 01246 345 222
PETERBOROUGH – VIVACITY’S KEY THEATRE – October 19th – 01733 207 239
EASTBOURNE – ROYAL HIPPODROME THEATRE – October 22nd – 01323 802 020
MARKET DRAYTON – FESTIVAL DRAYTON CENTRE – October 29th – 01630 654444 2022
HERTFORDSHIRE – THE RADLETT CENTRE – Feb 1st – 01923 859 291
TEWKESBURY – THE ROSES THEATRE – Feb 10th – 01684 295 074
ANDOVER – THE LIGHTS – Feb 15th – 01264 368 368 **These dates are correct at time of writing this article in April 2021. For the most up to date information, please check the Tours section on the Richard Jones website here.**

Mini Review of Angus Online 2 - Etching of the Mind

After his first successful show in March, Angus Baskerville is back for more with a new show. Great to see an artist like Angus performing another Zoom show with a lot of new material. Taking place on Friday the 9th of April at 1900 BST, I was curious to find out if Angus could replicate the success of his first show. At £5.99 a ticket, you cannot go wrong. As the first show in March was reviewed in full, this review is just a mini write up. Can Angus can keep up the momentum achieved after the first show and replicate the same success? At peak, 42 screens were viewing the show which meant an approximate audience of 60 to 70. A decent turnout. While waiting for the show to start, slides played that promoted Angus's website. Once started, the show worked through a set of about 10 effects using cards, coins, cups/balls and mentalism. Technically, some small issues with Zoom at the start of the show. But Angus dealt with it, remained calm and apologised as a learning curve. Angus is amazingly talented and he was able to put together a brand new interactive show for his second public Zoom show. That is quite a feat to have a show with a large proportion of new material just a month after the first public show. The effects were quite remarkable, well presented and enjoyable to watch. One playing card reveal was particularly amazing. Lots of good audience reactions, from a crowd who also asked for an encore. Lots of smiles and laughter. I enjoyed myself. I would definitely recommend that you book to see Angus and and you can read my previous full show review here. Angus donates some of the ticket cost to charity after each performance. This time, a charity called Anna Kennedy Online benefited, who are focused on Autism Awareness. Highly recommended viewing. Thanks again Angus. About this Event The Warwickshire magician Angus Baskerville, member of the Magic Circle is back for Angus Online 2. The success of Angus Online has demanded a follow up show for those clients who missed the first show and for those keen to see more. This new show will have a whole series of new incredible effects.

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