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David Nathan Online Show

David Nathan is promoting an online show in English.
Due to take place on Sunday the 1st of November at 1800 UTC time. You can book using eventbrite . Details from Nathan’s Facebook page are as follows:
Finally! I've had a lot of my international friends & followers ask me when they can see me live or when I will be travelling to perform in their country. This is your opportunity! I'm performing my Virtual Live Show in English on November 1st. This is not a recording of a show that you can just watch passively (because honestly, that isn't nearly as much fun!) No, this is a very (inter)active show! I'm presenting some brand new magic & classics that have been redesigned for the virtual medium. But to do that, I need your help! Because this show is really made together with everyone watching! Be amazed and order your ticket now! BENEFITS OF A VIRTUAL SHOW: - EVERYONE has a front row seat! - For the price of 1 ticket, you can watch the show with your whole family! - The magic happens in YOUR home! - You don't need to travel to see the show - No difficulty finding a parking space

David Nathan Online Show
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