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Etienne Pradier

04-Sep 1900 Zedel, London. (Crazy Coqs) Book: Using his wit and French charm, Étienne Pradier creates a relaxed atmosphere performing interactive close-up magic using everyday objects and audience participation.
Etienne’s show will involve audience participation and he will be performing with borrowed objects (rings, banknotes, bottles…) for an entertaining mix of magic, mind reading, comedy, and je ne sais quoi…
You are guaranteed to be amused, bemused and laugh-out-loud.
With a special guest to be discovered on the night…
Etienne Pradier is an award winning French magician who has performed worldwide over the last 25 years. Etienne is a favorite amongst celebrities (including Johnny Depp’s 40th birthday) and has been booked over a dozen times to entertained HRH Prince Charles and other members of the Royale Family. He is also highly respected amongst his peers. He has “fooled” Penn and Teller in their TV show “Fool Us” and he is one of only 250 members of the Magic Circle with Gold Star.

Etienne Pradier
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