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Happy New Year 2021 From Magic Seats

Happy New Year 2021 from MagicSeats.
Hoping that we all have a better 2021 with lots of opportunities to view live magic. A very difficult year for many performers who of course have struggled with a lack of income and no opportunities to perform live magic.
While some new opportunities have opened up with socially distanced shows and Zoom, they have also presented many challenges. Using Zoom and Social distancing of course is not the same as true live events. Please remember if you are an artist who performs magic, let me know if you require any support. I can promote your work through the blog, reviews, interviews and promo pages.
Looking forward to sharing site plans for 2021. Lots of ideas in development.
Thanks to all for your support, kind comments and loyalty following this site. A big thank you to all the artists/magicians who have also supported this site with interviews and help with content and promoting. Appreciated. Have a good New Year/Hogmanay celebration. See you in 2021!

Happy New Year 2021 From Magic Seats
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