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How to Zoom Magic!

With the weekend fast approaching, I have yet another Zoom show booked. This time it is a public Zoom performance of Tom Brace’s show “Connected”. I will write up a mini review after watching the show.
This will be my fourth Zoom show after watching Magical Bones perform a couple of times and also Elliot Bibby.
Tom is doing two shows this Sunday the 28th of June and tickets are currently still available for the shows. His website indicates that the 7pm show is nearly sold out (at time of writing) and not many tickets left. A 5pm show is also available. Take a look at Tom’s FaceBook page for updates.
Also, within the “MagicSeats” website, take a look at the Zoom Magic page. It lists Zoom Magic shows that I know of. If you are aware of a show that is not listed, please tell me. I have reviewed the Zoom listings yesterday and I can confirm that the page is currently up to date. My Zoom Magic page has links to all the artists sites. Take a look and they will detail the booking process. Many of the private bookings are via email exchange. The public Zoom Magic shows tend to have an online ticketing agent.
If you haven’t tried a Zoom show yet, general public Zoom shows are the best way to try this medium. Ticket prices are really cheap for these public shows and I have only paid between about £11 to £13 so far per show. Though as the popularity grows for these shows and audiences buy into the medium, I have noticed some price increases.
For private shows, fees are varied dependant on the artist but range from about £30 to £300 Some artists also allow you to decide how much you want to pay and they just make a recommendation for the minimum amount. If you haven’t used Zoom before, you can download the app to your phone, desktop or tablet After creating an account, all you then need do is test your setup
To join any Zoom Magic event, you should be provided with a link, meeting details and password in advance after purchasing a ticket.
Before any shows, you are normally encouraged to attempt to sign on between 5 to 10 minutes prior to the start. But always follow the email instructions that arrive with your ticketing details. You can then switch on your camera and sound, dependent on whether you wish to be seen or not. Certainly for general public shows, whatever you feel comfortable with is best. For private shows and to gain the full interactive experience, camera and sound is recommended.
Lastly, a huge advantage of some of the public shows currently available is that for the price, you can have the whole family watching from the same screen.
If you book any Zoom shows, let me know how you get on and your views in the comments below.

How to Zoom Magic!
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