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Magic At The Mansion

Date and time Thu, 5 August 2021
20:00 – 22:00 BST
Add to calendar Location Beckenham Place Mansion
Beckenham Place Park
BR3 1SY eventbrite From £16.76 Official write up: About this event Join The Gentleman Magician and Friends once again at Beckenham Place Mansion for an evening of mind blowing magic, spectacular sleight of hand, and impossible illusion!
Get your tickets and head to the Mansion on the First Thursday of each month where The Gentleman Magician will present an evening of magical parlour entertainment joined by a guest entertainer and fellow magician, ensuring that the show is never repeated.

Set the atmosphere with soft music, an intimate environment, and magical sleight of hand illusions which happen right under your nose and, if you're lucky, in your hands!
To ensure the best performances and views, tickets are limited, and there will be a select number of front row, VIP seats, to get the best view and the great likelihood of being asked to join in (although this is not compulsory).

Your host for the evening, and your first performer, will be Liam Ball, The Gentleman Magician himself. A wand wielding, moustache curling, dedicated student of magic!
Liam lives for the moment where the magic unfolds right before your very eyes, giving you all the time you need to revel in the impossible moments that only exist within the suspension of your disbelief.
Liam is a Member of The Magic Circle, Associate of The Inner Magic Circle, and has been awarded the Silver star for Excellence in performance and he loves to give his spectators an experience which is nothing short of inspirational and send them on their way with enough magic to share with others they meet.
After the first half of the show, there will be a short comfort and refreshment break, and then it will be the turn of the guest performer to take to the stage for even more breathtakingly-spectacular magic!

Roberto Forzoni is the Guest Prformer in July. Roberto has been fascinated my magic ann of his life, but also the intricies of human behaviour and the things that go on on the background of our minds that make us tick.
A Member of The Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star (the highest level of Magic Circle membership available) Roberto will leave you wondering just how private your inner most thoughts really are as he bewilders and baffles with his unique brand of physological illusion and magic.
His insight into how people make choices and process information is breathtaking!
Remember, every evening will be a unique experience, and this one is going to get things off to a GREAT start, so get your tickets now, before it's too late!

Magic At The Mansion
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