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New Cardistry Gallery Page

I have added a new page to the site to support the Vlog, for those who appreciate collecting cards.
The new page is a gallery page, recording pictures of all my latest decks for your viewing pleasure. As I open decks and record new vlogs, I plan to add pictures of not only the tuck boxes but some of the actual cards in the gallery. View .
Additional information is also available when you hover over the images. I will add to the gallery page as I buy more cards. To date, I have added cards from all the decks reviewed for the Vlog.

The vlog page is now also available via YouTube and I have set up a new channel for MagicSeats. Vlogs can also be accessed as usual via the sites Vlog page. Vlog reviews uploaded so far are: El Toro Vlog 5 Derren Brown Vlog 4 Future reviews Vlog 3 Star Wars light and dark side Vlog 2 NPH - Neil Patrick Harris Vlog 1 Latest decks purchased that I intend to review over the coming weeks for the Vlog and gallery are below. Some of the below feature in a preview during Vlog 3: Bicycle Architectural Grid series 3 Grid series 2 v2 Bicycle Rider Back: Metalluxe Blue NOC Original Red playing cards Bicycle Arch Angels Bicycle Amplified Bicycle Autobike Bicycle Chainless Bicycle Black Tiger Bicycle Chroma

New Cardistry Gallery Page
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