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New Lxke Trix Zoom Show This Friday

LXKE TRIX is kicking of 2021 with a BANG!
LXKE TRIX brings you his one man magic and mind reading show now to Zoom for one night only! In the show LXKE TRIX will attempt to read minds, perform jaw dropping magic feats and try a stunt that so many magicians fear to perform! The show will be livestreamed from Birmingham (LXKE TRIX Hometown) iconic venue The Hare & Hounds. By buying a ticket your not just 100% in for a good evening but you are also supporting an independent entertainer through a hard time with no gigs and a independent venue too. Taking place on the 26th of February at 8pm.
Tickets can be purchased here .

New Lxke Trix Zoom Show This Friday
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