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Petition to Support the Arts

When I was carrying out the site updates last week and reviewing the listings for shows, I noticed that the Smoke and Mirrors Magic bar/theatre website was down (at the time). Some days later, it was still not responding. At first I was concerned that a magic venue/bar had possibly closed down. Thankfully though they just appear to be working on a new website and now have a new look site. Phew! After a search on google, I found the following article about the venue and how they plan to open in future once safe and the challenges that they are facing. This got me thinking about the future of live venues and theatres.
As I have mentioned in previous pages, more and more shows are being rescheduled when I update the tour listings for Magicians. I personally have many live events booked this year and I am seeing many reschedule. Thankfully most events are rescheduling rather than cancelling outright.
It is also common place now to read many news articles about theatres and venues that need help. I know that the Haymarket theatre in Leicester has already been forced out of business along with others and I suspect many more will go into administration and make staff redundant. West end theatres now also appear to be extending closures till 2021. How will they survive? Not good, and of course the famous ticket booth in Leicester Square is closing for the foreseeable future. Sad times.
Many are calling for the government to do more and it is clear that theatres and live venues need help. Announcements of government roadmaps with 5 steps of support have been questioned as meaningless to date. Certainly the steps were more common sense than any ground breaking support or funding.
Many artists are struggling themselves while also attempting to raise funds to keep local theatres and venues alive with the financial help they need. A petition to the UK government to do more is live on the government website. It has reached the required number of signatures to trigger a discussion in parliament but is still worth signing to indicate support.
Let’s hope that the government do act more quickly. The future of live venues affects all of us. My family and I use live venues a lot for entertainment. Many are also employed in the arts and rely on the venues to earn a living. More needs to be done to protect the future of UK theatre for all generations. If you haven’t already and wish to support this cause, sign the petition .

Petition to Support the Arts
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