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Virtual Mind Reading Show with Charlie Nunn

Eventbrite is advertising shows for Charlie Nunn from Friday the 6th of November at 1900 GMT. Lots of dates advertised And £20 a ticket.
For more details about Charlie, visit his site here . For eventbrite, visit here .
Published details for the shows follow: An interactive mind reading show that makes YOU the star of the show.
This is a fully interactive mind reading show where your thoughts and decisions fuel the show. Each person present will have the opportunity to take part.
If you are tired of Zoom quizzes and wish to see am original form of entertainment from the comfort and safety of your own home then this virtual mentalism act is perfect for you.

“Amazing 🤯 I watched this all the way in Australia and myself and my girlfriend were blown away. It was fun, interactive and my girlfriends housemate still talks about how he got her password! 100% worth it!!”
- Andy N.
The show will run for around 30 minutes but every mind is different so please allow for up 10 minutes extra.
Due to the amount of audience participation each time slot is limited to a maximum of SIX households . Have as many people in your household as you like as long as everyone can see and hear Charlie and ensure he can see and hear everyone who wishes to take part.
“To say Charlie’s online “mind reader show” is great entertainment would be an understatement ! My mother & myself thoroughly enjoyed it & it was especially enjoyable to interact throughout with Charlie: him using his mentalist talent & us repeatedly saying “wow how did he do that?”
It was a great way to be entertained without leaving your armchair especially during these uncertain times when entertainment is so limited. So 5 stars Charlie & we’re telling all our friends about you!”
— Sally Garvey
Each show will take place on Zoom, you will be emailed your personal Zoom call link and password before the show starts.
Please ensure you have a working webcam and microphone.

Virtual Mind Reading Show with Charlie Nunn
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