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Ben Hart Selfie 

I had the opportunity to attend Ben Hart's "Wonder" tour. Thanks to Covid, I had to wait a few years but it was worth it. 

As quite a large audience at the show in Leicester, there was no official meet and greet. Thankfully, due to a fellow LMN member (Shae Gathercole, pictured below), he was able to help with some arrangements. After the show (about 30 mins later), we were able to meet Ben briefly and say hello.

I was also able to gain a signed playing card and get my book signed.

Photo:  06-Mar 2022 at The Curve Theatre - Leicester.

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Ben Hanlin Selfie 

Prior to Bens performance at the Edinburgh Fringe of 2018, he advertised a workshop at the Corby Cube.  While a show with Ben performing, it was more relaxed.  Ben talking though his ideas and explaining that the workshop allowed him to gauge audience reaction,  and deciding what would make his show.

A year later, my wife and daughter were able to see the "50" show in Corby.  Unfortunately I was unable to join but was lucky to receive a private video from Ben, wishing me well.  A great video.

Photo:  31st May 2018 at the Corby Cube.

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Jamie Raven Selfie

The Jamie Raven "Making Magic" theatre show was an amazing show.

After the performance, many held back to meet Jamie and have their photos taken.

I still have some of the envelopes and pictures handed to all audience members so that you could participate in part of the show.

With Jamie planning on touring again in 2021 as part of "Illusion: Impossible", I am hoping to get to see the new show.

Photo:  18th October 2018 at the Corby Cube.

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Joel Dickinson Selfie

When I met Joel, he was running a "Summer of Circus" at Resorts World in Birmingham for chilldren. 

If I am honest, I didn't actually know who he was at the time.  However, the circus and magic show was amazing, even if aimed at kids.

Thankfully I approached at the end and got a selfie.  I now realise that even then, he was quite well know at least within circles of magicians.  Though a performer, he of course publishes his own effects as a creator with his own online magic shop.

Photo:  August 2019 at Resorts World Birmingham.


Magical Bones Photo

After waiting a couple of years to see magical Bones, I was finally able to go and see his show "Black Magic".


I had previously seen him perform online for a private virtual show. Seeing him perform stage magic in person was amazing.

Like many magicians, Bones took the opportunity to meet his audience after the show. Lots of photo and selfie opportunities.  A memorable night.

Photo:  25th March 2022 at Castle Theatre in Wellingborough


Mandy Muden Photo

This is my favorite photo of myself with an artist.

I booked to see Mandy perform with my wife and we were not expecting to see Mandy so we could chat.  We were lucky to bump into her in the foyer and were able to have a few minute with her.  Very nice lady.

A few years ago, I was due to see her solo tour.  When I missed it, she kindly sent a video to me.  

A good photo to remember seeing Mandy perform live.  

A few years A

Photo:  29th August 2021 at Wycliffe Rooms in Lutterworth

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Morgan and West Selfie

Morgan and West were performing in our home town.

At the time, I did not know that they were performing.  I was looking for something to do with Amelia and discovered the show within hours of it happening.

It was an enjoyable performance and we were the first to get a selfie with them after the show.

I am due to watch the again soon online in Febrauary 2021.  A pro lecture which should be enjoyable.

Photo:  28th May 2019 at The Macready Theatre in Rugby.

Richard Jones 2.png

Richard Jones Selfie(s)

This picture was taken after Richards "Escape" show in Corby in 2019.

Prior to the show, we were picking up tickets for the show on Friday the 13th of September.  Richard was in the foyer and we were luck that he performed for Amelia personally.  A great memory.

Photo:  13th September 2019 at Corby Cube.

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