Wayne Trice

Like many magicians Wayne has had a keen interest in magic since he was young, although he was a bit of a late starter when it came to performing magic.

At around age 13 he found Davenports Magic Shop in London and the Demon Magic Club for young magicians that they ran in the studio behind the shop.

For many years Wayne talked, watched and occasionally performed magic, in between eating McDonalds (other fast food restaurants are available!) with a group of similar aged like minded magicians. After leaving school Wayne got a proper job with a bank and slowly moved away from the Magic club (he did get a bit old!).

Wayne’s other passion is in the theatre, and he has been involved with many plays and musicals over the last 19 years. He has not only appeared on stage many times in various roles, but has also gained plenty of experience in lighting, sound, stage management and directing.

Utilising this experience, Wayne teamed up with two magic colleagues as The Magic of 3 who performed 2 successful seasons at Merton Abbey Mills with their shows, Bohemian Magic and Magic at the Mill, and also performed a combination of these shows at the Ashcroft Theatre, in the Fairfield Halls, Croydon.

He also appeared twice in the New Players Theatre in the West End, when some of his old friends from the Demon Club got together and put together a reunion show, which was repeated for a second year due to its success.

Wayne’s magical and theatrical experience also paid dividends during his day job. He found success in roles which relied on his performing experience and his last role was as a corporate trainer which suited his personality and experience fully.

Wayne Trice