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Darcy Oake - "Behind The Illusion"

Prior to Darcy's online Zoom show on the 19th of December 2020, you could buy a copy of his signed book.

The cost was reasonable and you could buy along with a ticket for the show.

I await my copy and soon as it has arrived, will provide further details.  On my wish list until I actually receive.  Hopefully that will be soon.

A poster that I ordered at the same time arrived several weeks ago.  Now wondering if lost in the post or not sent.  Awaiting updates.

Available on Amazon as a hardback book and kindle download here.

Beginning to give up on receiving this.  As ordered in November, don't think I will receive.   Have sent an email and will see if I ever get a response!

David Blaine - Signed Poster "Frozen In Time"

The David Blaine posters that are available on his website are reminiscent of the great posters released by magicians during the Golden Age of Magic.

Posters appear available for most of David's stunts and illusions.  Some also have signed versions available.

The cost is 100 USD for the signed posters which does not include shipping.  Unsigned is of course available for less.

Some of my family were lucky enough to see David when performing his endurance test, living in a glass box without food in 2003, hanging above the Thames for 44 days.

I understand that while an experience to see him, it wasn't the most interesting of things to see at the time.   Would love to get a signed poster though soon!

Justin Willman - Signed Poster "Magic In Real Life Tour"

This poster appeals as I am a bit of a fan of Justin Willman.  I also like the design of the poster, promoting his 2019/2020 tour.  

The price is pretty good for a signed poster at 30 USD.  The issue is the shipping which nearly doubles the cost.  A definite addition that I would like to add at some point to my collection.  A "Magic For Humans At Home" signed poster is also available that I wouldn't mind getting as well.

The limited edition signed poster commemorates Justin’s 2019/2020 live theater tour.

The poster can be ordered signed or unsigned.  

Designed by Barry Blankenship.


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