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Martin Brophy

As a fan of watching live magic, I used to struggle to find an easy reference to find out who was currently performing and was advertising shows. I could only find out by using sites intended for professional magicians. Hence this site was born in 2020, produced by a fan of magic who enjoys being an audience member!

I have been lucky to see many famous magicians perform in person and online and I hope that this site will be of use to you. The site has evolved over time and the blog supports news, along with interviews, collectables and reviews of shows. Some 200+ collectables are now listed and a total of 100 reviews and interviews. Site content is continually growing and the focus is no longer on just promoting live magic shows.  


I run the site independently as as a hobbyist and I also hold membership of the Leicester Magic Circle. A collector of all things magic related and cardistry.  A magic enthusiast who is enjoying all the new connections and friendships with similar minded people.

As of July 2023 the site content expanded again to cover non magic content which resulted in a sister site called Covering reviews on any subject that takes my fancy including music, tech and general theatre shows to keep things separate.

Updated Nov 2023

Special Thanks - Nadine Brophy

To my wife Nadine who edits many of the interviews and reviews.

In Memory - Michael and Patricia Brophy

To my Mum and Dad who are sadly no longer with us.  I know that they would be both be proud of this achievement, creating and managing this site.  My Dad would be less impressed but would secretly be pleased.  I can imagine him saying something like "What are you wasting your time on that for".  Lol.  My mum would have been very proud of my achievements with the site and the opportunities that it has opened up.  She would most likely be wanting to get involved with my interest.  Bless them both.  RIP.

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