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Adam Heppenstall Signed Playing Card

Adam was at BMC 23 on a stand.

I was aware of his work with Jamie Allan and managed to get a signed card.

I watched the iMagician show a few years back that Adam appeared on. 

Adam has worked a lot on cruise ships and of course does a lot of close up and corporate magic bookings. He also acts as a magic consultant.

Acquired: February 2023


Ash Marlow Signed Playing Card 

Not strictly speaking a signed playing card but was a signed business card that was enclosed with a free gift that he provided after I made a purchase from him.

Ash is a magician who also designs and sells his own playing cards and effects.  In 2020 he released his own "Ape" design playing cards.  An amazing deck that was initially on Kickstarter, though I bought directly from him.


Ben Hart- Signed Playing Card

After seeing Ben perform live on the 06-Mar, I was able to get a selfie, get my book signed and this playing card. as well  Signed in person by Ben at the Curve Theatre in Leicester.


Very nice chap who was patient with everyone who waited to see him, despite the fact that he was probably tired. 

A great card to have signed as lots of room for the signature. Possibly my favourite signed playing card. 

The condition of the card is excellent and was a new card.

Signed: 06-Mar 2022


Brendan Rodrigues Signed Playing Card 

While at a certain magic club is London, I was able to observe from a distance Brendan practising. He also helped assist another performer by acting as a member of the audience.  

As a collector of magic signatures, it was too good an opportunity to miss and approach Brendan. 

Another great memory. 

Acquired:  November 2021


Cillian O'Connor Signed Playing Card

When I met Cillian at the House of Secrets bar in Blackpool, he was already up and coming. Very well known in the magic community.

As a young performer, he has had a fantastic year, gaining a Blue Peter badge and of course successfully appearing on the BGT final.

I had the opportunity to briefly chat and gain a signed card which I am glad that I did.

Acquired: February 2023


Chris Dugdale Signed Playing Card 

Hopefully I will get to see Chris perform this year live. Over the last few years, I have had the chance to work with Chris on an interview, and reviewing his book "XYA".

When contacted recently by Chris, he kindly signed a card for me to boost my collection of playing cards. A fantastic addition to my collection.

Acquired:  January 2023


Craig Petty Signed Playing Card

Craig is probably one of the most well known magicians. I guess to some extent, a magicians magician as he is known for his social channels and reporting.

During BMC this year (23), I was able to gain a selfie with Craig. And as he was sat just to the side of me during the TMC convention 23, I was able to briefly chat and gain a signed playing card. A really nice chap and I was able to let him know how useful many of his videos are.

A very busy magician who works full time and is a member of The Magic Circle. 

Photo:  TMC 2023 Convention on 30-Jul-2023


Daniel Madison - Signed Playing Cards

These cards were on sale via e-Bay as one lot. This included the Strangers and Advocates playing cards. Both signed.

I was able to win at a relatively low price. Many single packs of these cards go for much more than I paid for the two packs of these cards.

While I do not know much about Daniel, I do know that he is a member of the 52. An interesting and very experienced card artist/magician.


Acquired:  Apr 2022


David Bonsall - Signed Playing Card

When purchasing from Dave's shop Propdog, I was able to briefly meet and get this signed card in June 2022.


Acquired:  June 2022


David Minton - Signed Playing Card

I was able to get this playing card signed by David while having a coffee with him.

A member of the Magic Circle and  creator of the effect "Executive Suite".

This card is extra special to me as David performed a mentalism routine which involved the Jack for me.

A very nice addition to my collection as it was gained in person with memories attached.


Acquired:  Nov 2021 


Dynamo Signed Playing Card

I was able to purchase a limited edition signed deck of the new Midnights playing cards.  Created by Jez Rose to raise money for the charity Breathe Arts Health research. This card being signed by Dynamo.

As I purchased this to help funding prior to printing, I was able to purchase an edition limited to 60. The deck comes with a variety of signed cards which also includes Laura London. I am still trying to work out many of the signatures.

To buy a standard deck of cards, and help this charity, use the link below.

Acquired:  October 2022


Elizabeth - Signed Playing Card

After watching Elizabeth perform at the Evolution of magic: Glitch show, I was able to get a signed card and selfie. 

An excellent show and nice opportunity to meet Elizabeth and have a brief chat. 


Acquired:  July 2022


Elliot Bibby - Signed Playing Card

I have had the opportunity to view Elliot's online show a couple of times. 


I have worked within him on a couple of show reviews and also an interview.


In March 2021, I was able to gain a signed card which is a great collectable.


A signed note from Elliot also came with the card which is also an excellent memento.


An amazing artist that I hope to see before live after lockdown eases.


Acquired:  March 2021 


Fay Presto - Signed Playing Card

I have been lucky enough to meet Fay Presto a couple of times. The first occasion I witnessed some magic/close up and the second time to have a longer chat. 

A lovely lady who was very chatty and ready to impart knowledge. While I already had Fay's signature on a postal first day cover for the Magic Circle, I was able to get this signed card in person. 

Possibly one of my favourite famous signatures with the top hat!. Thank you Fay.


Acquired:  November 2022


Harry Nardi Signed Playing Card

Harry had appeared on BGT a few years back. I was mainly aware of him due to his online content. 

Harry produces many online videos that are enjoyable to watch and showcase products that are sold a Alakazam Magic. What a fantastic job that he has.

While at the House of Secrets in Blackpool, I was able to meet Harry and his dad Peter, who owns Alakazam. 

Acquired: February 2023


Jamie Allan Signed Playing Card

I have always followed Jamie Allan, the iMagician and his work. As he works mainly overseas, it is difficult to see him perform in the UK.


I was able to meet Jamie when purchasing a copy of his new book "Everything".  I managed to set a signed first edition with certificate. And while collecting the book, I was able to get a selfie and this signed card for my collection. 


An interesting performer who I would watch his iMagician live on TV. During the BMC, I was able to watch his lecture as well which was really enlightening. 

Acquired: February 2023


John Archer - Signed Playing Card

Collecting signed playing cards in person from performers has become very addictive. 

To meet John and gain this signed playing card was a massive highlight for me.

I am very proud of this particular addition to my collection, which is currently on display in my office. 

John kindly signed this card mid interval during a performance as part of the E-Treme Magic tour in 2022. 

His performance on the night was also amazing and very funny. 


Acquired:  October 2022


Katherine Rhodes Signed Playing Card 

While very familiar with Katherine and her work, I was able to have a brief chat this month. 

Of course, grabbed the opportunity for a signed playing card. Thank you Katherine. 

Acquired:  November 2021


Joel M - Signed Playing Card

Meeting Joel M, gaining selfies and a signed playing card was a memorable highlight for me when collecting signed cards. 

Joel M was very pleasant and chatty and I will always remember that. Such. an outgoing and friendly bloke. Just like he is on the tv.

I had know of Joel M for a number of years and had watched his various TV shows. I also own a signed copy of his book. However, this signature is special as gained in person. 

Joel M was with Tom Elderfield when I met him who he has worked with. 


Acquired:  February 2023


Kovari Signed Playing Card 

Sourced via ebay.

Nice addition to my collection and in very good condition.

It has been very well looked after and of course can tell it is an older item due to manner in which playing card is printed/aged. 


Very nice collectable to own.


Purchased:  October 2021


Laura London Signed Playing Card

I was able to purchase a limited edition signed deck of the new Midnights playing cards.  Created by Jez Rose to raise money for the charity Breathe Arts Health research. This card being signed by Laura London.

As I purchased this to help funding prior to printing, I was able to purchase an edition limited to 60. The deck comes with a variety of signed cards which also includes Dynamo. I am still trying to work out many of the signatures.

To buy a standard deck of cards, and help this charity, use the link below.

Acquired:  October 2022


Lee Hathaway Signed Playing Card

Lee made an appearance on the Penn & Teller: Fool us show when it was recorded in the UK. 

Lee is a member of the council within The Magic Circle. I previously had the opportunity to chat to Lee about a year ago and then saw him at this years TMC convention. 

I grabbed the opportunity to have a selfie and had a laugh with him. I also managed to get a signed playing card which was really nice of him.

Another performer that I hope to see entertain live at some point.

Photo:  TMC 2023 Convention on 30-Jul-2023


Lewis Fuller Signed Playing Card

While eating lunch at the Wesley Hotel in London, by chance I noticed Lewis Fuller who was attending the same convention as me. Lewis appeared on this years BGT with his singing and magic act.

As well as the selfie, I was able to gain a signed playing card for my collection which is written to me with a nice message. 

Lewis was with a few other magicians who I also got to speak with. 

After his BGT exposure, I am sure that big things are ahead for Lewis. 

Photo:  TMC 2023 Convention on 30-Jul-2023


LMN Members 2021 Signed Playing Cards 

I am a member of the Leicester Magicians Network.

In November 2021, I seized the opportunity to gain lots of signed playing cards from members.  

A few of the members are missing but the cards include:  Adam Edgeley, Ian Gamage, Pete Whitmore, Scot Jerram, David Leeson, John Constantine, Liam Keily, Paul Furlong, Shae Gathercole and Thomas Pedrals.

A few missing members so sure I will gain their signed cards in future.

Acquired:  November 2021


Lxke Trix Signed Playing Card 

This card was signed by Luke Baker aka Lxke Trix.

Having worked with Luke on interviews for this site and purchasing products from his Magic Hut shop, I received this signed card in August/September 2020.

Inscribed as "To Martin, thanks for all your support, from Luke" on a red Bicycle card.


Magic Singh Signed Playing Cards

I had wanted to buy these for some time but of course needed to be signed. 

These Magic Singh playing cards are produced by the US Playing card company. 

I of course want to keep the seal intact, so may have to but another deck.

Beautifully embossed print in black with gold signature by Magic Singh. 

Purchased: September 2022 direct from


Magical Bones Signed Playing Card 

After waiting a couple of years to see magical Bones, I was finally able to go and see his show "Black Magic".


I had previously seen him perform online for a private virtual show. Seeing him perform stage magic in person was amazing.

Like many magicians, Bones took the opportunity to meet his audience after the show. Lots of photo and selfie opportunities.  A memorable night.

Kind of Bones to sign a card for me as well.

Photo:  25th March 2022 at Castle Theatre in Wellingborough


Marc Spelmann - The 1X500 Playing Cards & Signed Cert

Marc is certainly an artist who has gained a lot of attention through his appearances on Britains Got Talent.

In April 2021, Marc released a limited edition deck of 500 cards which he designed himself.  He is a graphic designed and it shows, the box, deck of cards and certificate are very well designed.

My certificated is number 40 of 500 so quite a low number.  Signed by Marc and "X".

A nice collectable which also comes with some instruction videos online.

Received/Purchased:  April 2021


Mark Shortland Signed 53 Films Playing Cards 

As well as a magician, Mark Shortland is an artist.

To date he has created three decks of cards  - 53 Films, 53 Magicians  and 53 Movies.

On his site, you can purchase the playing cards and the artwork, each piece of artwork of course being unique and used for creating one of the cards in an actual deck that can be bought.


The 53 Films series caught my eye on his site after watching Mark perform live on Zoom.  This pack of cards has actually been signed by Mark and came in a half cellophane wrap.  The wrap is removed for this photo but has been placed back on the deck to protect the signature.

Purchased:  April 2021


Megan Swann Signed Playing Card

Megan is the first female president of The Magic Circle. 

Finally, I was able to get a signed card. Previous opportunities were difficult as Megan often has many magicians talking to her. 

Hoping in the future to get to see her perform her environmental magic. 

Acquired:  February 2023


Michael Jordan and Tamsyn Jordan Signed Playing Card

Michael Jordan was performing his High Jinx magic show at Blackpool Tower/Big Top with Tamsin Jordan.

An excellent stage magic show whereby I was able to gain the signed playing card and gain a selfie after the show. 

Acquired:  July 2022


Natalia Love Signed Playing Card

Natalia is part of the fabulous Chicks n' Tricks female magic group. 

I am hoping one day to get an interview completed with Natalia. 

During BMC, I was able to chat with Natalia and get this signed card. Hopefully I will also be able to get Louise Andre to sign a card for me soon who also is part of Chicks n' Tricks. 

Natalia also performs under the name Nutty Natty, providing children's entertainment and ventriloquism.

Acquired: February 2023


Oliver Tabor Signed Playing Card

Oliver is a well known stage magician, ex President of The IBM British Ring No 25 and a FISM champion of stage magic.

Known for not only stage, but close up including his classic bubble and dove effects.

I gained this signed card at a lecture that Oliver was giving. A brilliant lecture and of course, I grabbed the opportunity to get a signed playing card as well.

And if you can get a chance to see this lecture, I highly recommend.

Acquired: October 2023


Paul Williams Signed Playing Card

Paul is a great family and children's entertainer based in the Midlands/Leicestershire area. 

Paul is the chairman of the Leicester Magic circle. 

I gained this signature from Paul at BMC 23. It was great to speak and catch up with Paul, talking all things magic and Tenyo etc. 

Acquired: February 2023


Peter Nardi Signed Playing Card

Peter is a very well known magician who also owns Alakazam magic in the UK.

An excellent magic shop that I use a lot. 

Peter is also known for producing online videos for Alakazam. 

Acquired: February 2023


Pete Firman Signed Playing Card

While I already have a Pete Firman signature in my collection, it was part of a mounted photo. Therefore, hard to know at times if genuine but believe it is.

When going to see Pete perform live at the Y Theatre in Leicester, they approached me asking if I would promote the gig. With a new contact at the theatre, I made arrangements to get a note to Pete in his dressing room asking for a signed playing card. 

Thankfully Pete obliged. Glad I wrote the note as would not have achieved the signed playing card otherwise as no meet and greet. Hopefully I can get a selfie next time. 

Acquired: 13-Oct at the Y Theatre, Leicester


Russ Brown Signed Playing Card

Russ Brown is a magician famed for his "House of Secrets" magic bar in Blackpool.

I was able to attend his "Family Magic Show" and as well as meeting Russ, I was able to get a selfie and signed playing card.

His show was excellent and highly recommended. 

I have since gone back to the bar which is a fab meeting place for magicians. 

Acquired:  July 2022


Tom Brace Signed Playing Card

It was great to catch up with and finally meet Tom. 

Tom has always been an active supporter of this website and we have regularly promoted his work.

We were able to have a good chat and get this card signed. Thanks Tom!

Hopefully I will get to see him perform live very soon. And keep an eye out for him if you are cruising, a new market also keeping him busy now. 

Acquired:  November 2022


Tom Elderfield Signed Playing Card

I was aware of Tom's work as a magician and consultant mainly, as he had worked with Joel M.

In 2022, Tom became known for being a faithful in the reality series "The Traitors". An entertaining show. 

Tom was at BMC with Joel M. Two really nice chaps and I had a great conversation with them. I was also able to gain selfies. 

While all magicians are generally very friendly and happy to talk, Joel M and Tom were very welcoming in their approach. It was great to meet them both. 

Acquired:  February 2023


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