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Ben Hart- The Darkest Corners

A fantastic and very well presented book by Neil Kelso, that presents the work of Ben Hart, focussing on his magic effects. While I was originally given this book as a Christmas present in 2021, I have since been able to get it signed. After a Ben Hart show, I was able to get the book signed by Ben, but also Neil. The book goes into a lot of detail, with excellent supporting text and pictures. Very lucky to own this book, and especially now as signed!

Purchased:  Dec 2021

Year Published:  2020

Edition: 2020 UK

Signed: 06-Mar at Leicester Curve Theatre by both Neil Kelso and Ben Hart.


Chris Cross - "The Geordie Book Of Magic"

I became aware of Chris due to his online presence and magic shop.  I discovered this book after browsing the store of Chris' website.  Options to order signed copies which are dedicated also exist.

While the book is aimed at a younger audience, it seemed ideal for a hobbyiest learning magic, you need to start some where.  It's illustrated by Davey Jones off The VIZ Comic and boasts a foreword by Debbie McGee. The Book comes complete with an Instructional DVD and some specially printed Cards.



Chris Dugdale - "XYA"

Last year, I had the opportunity to interview Chris Dugdale.  A talented magician who is a magic creator, motivational speak and author to name just a few of his many talents.  Famed for his TV and theatre work.

The interview has opened up other opportunities which in this case, was the chance to carry out a book review of "XYA".

Chris kindly sent a review copy for Magic Seats that I received late January 2021.  A thoroughly enjoyable book that is a hybrid of content that mixes essays and effects.

Not only has this book been signed to me by Chris, it is a truly unique book to have in my collection.  Excluding review editions, Chris is only publishing 250 copies of this limited edition book.  The review was published in February 2021 which you can read here.  


Darcy Oake - "Behind The Illusion" Signed Book

Prior to Darcy's online Zoom show on the 19th of December 2020, you could buy a copy of his signed book.

The cost was reasonable and you could buy along with a ticket for the show.

This took absolutely ages to arrive and I believe was shipped from Canada in November 2020 and eventually arrived in March 2021.

I had pretty much given up on receiving this so it was a nice surprise when it eventually arrived.

Available on Amazon as a hardback book and kindle download here.

Acquired:  March 2021


Dan Rhodes - "The Magic" Signed Book

I have always quite enjoyed watching Dan on social media. 

His fast paced Tok Tok videos are excellent. 

When this book was announced, I was able to pre order a signed copy. 

A nice addition to my collection. 


Purchased:  Aug 2022


Chris Dugdale - "Becoming Better" Signed Book

Chris kindly sent a review copy of his latest book. Signed to me.

I am really looking forward to reading this book and will share a review very soon. 

The book is paperback and looks great. Having previously read "XYA", I know that this will be another great read.


Acquired:  Jan 2023


Dynamo - "Nothing is Impossible" Signed Book

Having already owned a couple of signed Dynamo items, I was actually more interested in owning this book, a bonus that it is signed.

It is a book plate, but still a nice collectable to form part of my signed book collection.

Purchased from e-Bay for a reasonable cost.

Acquired:  December 2021


Fay Presto Lecture Notes

Improved picture coming soon.

After attending the Fay Presto lecture at the Magic Circle which was amazing, Fay was selling her notes. 

Certainly a lot of interest in buying the Fay Presto "Performers Workshop manual" in the style of a Haynes car manual. Fay being a bit of a lover of cars.

The thing that strikes my about these notes is the care and attention to detail as it is nice to have a detailed auto biographical section as well.

The book is inscribed by Fay with a message to me along with he classic Fay signature that includes a top hat design.

Photo:  TMC 2023 Convention on 30-Jul-2023


Harapan Ong - "The Four Treasures" Signed Book

In March 2021, I had the opportunity to join Harapan for an online pro-lecture.

He talked through various effects that included some that were part of his "The Four Treasures" book.

The lecture was excellent and took place on a Sunday afternoon in April 2021 as Harapan is based in Singapore.  

The book and signed editions are available on here.

Acquired:  May 2021

Screenshot 2023-06-06 at 23.34.48.png

Jamie Allan - "Everything"

I pre-ordered a first edition of this book online for collection at BMC 2023.

Jamie was on hand to hand deliver the book, a signed copy along with a signed certificate of ownership.

This ia an amazing book which I also reviewed for this site here 

A large volume coffee table sized book with lots of illustrations and insight into Jamies's career and stage magic. 

Acquired:  February 2023

Screenshot 2023-06-06 at 23.37.16.png

Joel M - "Make Your Own Magic"

I was aware of Joel M due to his TV magic shows on the BBC and Sky.  Though I know that he is famed for being a Tik Tok artist as well.

This signed copy of the book was acquired via Waterstones. A really nicely presented book and great signature.  

In Feb 2023, I had the opportunity to meet Joel M. A nice bloke and we had a chat, and gained a selfie and signed playing card. 

Acquired:  November 2021


Joshua Jay- "How Magicians Think" Signed Book

I had been after this book for a while and had added to my kindle list to read. Of course, I wanted a sign copy and always keep out an eye.

I was lucky to come across this edition with a signed book plate. A great addition to my collection.

This book is a must for magicians, detailing their minds and their abilities to think creatively.

Purchased from e-Bay for a reasonable cost.

Acquired:  February 2022


Mark Evans - "Illusory"

I was aware of Mark, a mentalist who creates his own effects and who also has his own web shop.

In April 2021 I had the opportunity to interview Mark for the site and part of the research was attending his lecture.  His site sells this book and also bundles which include the book and effects.  Just too tempting not to buy.

The book is a lovely softback with nice cover, good quality print and about A5 in size.  Check out 

Acquired:  April 2021


Michael Ammar - Signed Effect "Cups and Lemmon"

This is a really nice pamphlet that I sourced from ebay.

SIgned "Best wiahes always, Michael Ammar.  Also signed by his wife who does the photography/art.

The pamphlet details the cups and lemon routine.

Acquired:  March 2021


Morgan and West - Parlour Magic

A lovely book that can be quite difficult to get hold of.

Bound in a green hardback cover with gold writing. I was given this as a Christmas present last year.  

An amazing book which details all of their parlour magic show with supporting chapters.

In Feb of 2022, I was also able to go to a Morgan and West show and I was able to get the book signed. Very lucky to get this dedicated to me and signed as "Morgan and West" by Rhys.  

Certainly, a prized book within my collection now.  

Purchased:  Dec 2021 and signed Feb 2022

Year Published: 2020

Edition:  Sealed


Paul Daniels - "Adult Magic" - Barry Murray

I had wanted to buy a copy of the Paul Daniels "Adult Magic" book by Barry Murray.

This edition was advertised on e-bay by a seller assuring that all his signatures were genuine and gained in person.

As I wanted this book, I felt that I had nothing to lose as the price was reasonable.  In my opinion, the signature appears genuine.

While I source most signatures direct or at least with a COA, this was worth the chance.

Purchased:  May 2021



Oliver Tabor Lecture Notes

Improved picture coming soon.

I have followed Oliver and his career over a number of years. I am of course aware of his work with Wayne Trice and Vicky Butterfly. 

Previously I had run some reviews of his online zoom shows. I hope to book to see his West End Magic show very soon that is touring in 2023.

Oliver is the current President of the British Ring 25 of the IBM. 

Immediately on seeing these lecture notes, I knew that I needed to purchase. Signed by both Oliver and Vicky. 

Photo:  TMC 2023 Convention on 30-Jul-2023


Philip David Treece- "Ellisdons The History" Signed Book

Philip is a magic historian and this is the first volume.

I was able to buy as a signed edition direct from Philip.

A small but beautifully presented book.

Purchased from

Acquired:  December 2021


Romany Romany - "The Secret Life Of A Female Magician - Spun Into Gold"

I was aware of Romany as I had seen her perform on Penn & Teller: Fool Us.

A recent edition of Magic Seen Magazine alerted me to the fact that Romany had a new book out.  Immediately ordered a signed copy dedicated to me.

Billed as a story of showbiz dreams, addictions and finding real magic.  The book being for anyone who has ever had a dream.  For anyone who wants to remember how magic work.  Buy at for a signed copy or Amazon here.  Read my review here.


Scot Jerram - "Scot Free"

Scot is a founding member of the Leicester Magician's Network.  Author of "Scot Free - A Journey Into Classically Inspired Card Magic".  

A book that documents Scot's passion for cardistry  and Edward Marlo, also detailing lots of effects. 


My copy is a signed first edition hardback edition that is beautifully presented.  Copies can be bought by visited Scot's FaceBook page here.

For a sample of the book, download the pdf here.  Shared with permission.


Stephen Mulhern - Signed "Max Magic" Book 1 and 2

This is the first children book by Stephen Mulhern.

I was able to pre-order a signed copy in advance. 

Paperback edition and excellent artwork.

Purchased from WHSmith. I now also have the signed first edition of book 2 as well.

September 2022 and May 2023


Screenshot 2023-06-06 at 23.44.23.png

Tony Middleton AKA Sonic - "10 Little Secrets"

Tony has achieved many accomplishments in magic and one of the most recent is celebrating 10 years of his residency parlour show - "The Magic Hour".

As part of that celebration, Tony has released a lovely pocket sized hardback book with 10 self working magic tricks. 

At the time of writing, I have not completed reading the book but have been enjoying the insights and careful selection of routines. The book is ideal for beginnings. Signed by "Sonic".

Acquired:  April 2023

Screenshot 2023-06-06 at 23.52.40.png

X-Treme Magic - Signed Tour Programme (2022)

When buying a meet and greet ticket to see the show, you also get a signed programme.

While I did not get these signatures in person, I did receive the programme from production staff on the night of the show.

A nice souvenir, which includes signatures from Richard Cadell, Richard Jones, John Archer, Solange Kardinaly and Arkadio.

A nice souvenir of the show. 

Acquired:  October 2022


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