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Magic Singh Signed Playing Cards

I had wanted to buy these for some time but of course needed to be signed. 

These Magic Singh playing cards are produced by the US Playing card company. 

I of course want to keep the seal intact, so may have to but another deck.

Beautifully embossed print in black with gold signature by Magic Singh. 

Purchased: September 2022 direct from


Magical Bones Signed Playing Card 

After waiting a couple of years to see magical Bones, I was finally able to go and see his show "Black Magic".


I had previously seen him perform online for a private virtual show. Seeing him perform stage magic in person was amazing.

Like many magicians, Bones took the opportunity to meet his audience after the show. Lots of photo and selfie opportunities.  A memorable night.

Kind of Bones to sign a card for me as well.

Photo:  25th March 2022 at Castle Theatre in Wellingborough


Mandy Muden - Signed Photo Card

Being a fan of Mandy Muden, I had hoped to get a signed autograph/picture at some point.

This was a complete surprise and arrived with a card from Mandy which was unexpected in March 2021

Little did I know that my wife had contacted Mandy and had arranged.  

What is particularly good about this photo is that the card is an older photo that is probably quite rare.  A 90's promo picture.

Thank you Mandy.  My favourite collectable signed photo that is framed and in my office.

Received:  March 2021


Marc Spelmann - The 1X500 Playing Cards & Signed Cert

Marc is certainly an artist who has gained a lot of attention through his appearances on Britains Got Talent.

In April 2021, Marc released a limited edition deck of 500 cards which he designed himself.  He is a graphic designed and it shows, the box, deck of cards and certificate are very well designed.

My certificated is number 40 of 500 so quite a low number.  Signed by Marc and "X".

A nice collectable which also comes with some instruction videos online.

Received/Purchased:  April 2021


Mark Evans - "Illusory"

I was aware of Mark, a mentalist who creates his own effects and who also has his own web shop.

In April 2021 I had the opportunity to interview Mark for the site and part of the research was attending his lecture.  His site sells this book and also bundles which include the book and effects.  Just too tempting not to buy.

The book is a lovely softback with nice cover, good quality print and about A5 in size.  Check out 

Acquired:  April 2021


Mark Shortland Signed 53 Films Playing Cards 

As well as a magician, Mark Shortland is an artist.

To date he has created three decks of cards  - 53 Films, 53 Magicians  and 53 Movies.

On his site, you can purchase the playing cards and the artwork, each piece of artwork of course being unique and used for creating one of the cards in an actual deck that can be bought.


The 53 Films series caught my eye on his site after watching Mark perform live on Zoom.  This pack of cards has actually been signed by Mark and came in a half cellophane wrap.  The wrap is removed for this photo but has been placed back on the deck to protect the signature.

Purchased:  April 2021


Mark Shortland - Signed Note

When purchasing some cards and original artwork from Mark, I received a nice note from him on the card used to protect the artwork.


It protected artwork for "Woody from Toy Story".  A fabulous art piece that was used in the 53 Films deck of cards.

The note thanks me for a show review that I had recently carried out and that Mark hopes that I enjoy the actual painting.  


Received:  April 2021


Mark Shortland Signed Artwork of Woody from Toy Story

As well as a magician, Mark Shortland is an artist.  To date he has created three decks of cards  - 53 Films, 53 Magicians  and 53 Movies.  His website sells his original artworks used to create the decks of cards that he designs.  Therefore, every art piece is unique and was used to help create a real deck of playing card.

This piece of artwork caught my eye because I saw Mark draw a Woody as part of one of his online performances.  Therefore, when I saw the original artwork used for the 53 Films cards on sale, I had to buy.  It came with a certificate of authenticity, signed by Mark and giving the location where painted.  This piece was painted on a cruise hip between Colombo and Phuket.   Signed.

On receipt, the actual artwork took me by surprise as a the picture online does not do it justice.  Mark is an amazing artist and it now holds memories of watching Mark perform and painting a similar picture live for a Zoom audience.  

Purchased:  April 2021


Martin Daniels - Signed Picture

An 80's looking picture of Martin Daniels.

Magician and all round entertainer, which has included a stint on "Game for a laugh" in the 80's as a presenter.

Martin has of course featured more recently on television and featured on Penn & Teller: Fool Us which also featured Paul Daniels and Debbie McGee.

Purchased:  March 2021 (e-Bay)


Matthew Corbett - Signed Poster

Chris Cross runs a great site called "The Enchanted Rabbit".  Not only is he a magician, but also runs this shop and is a dealer.

My poster is signed by Matthew Corbett and is no 2 of 52.

Extremely limited and rare.  This poster is part of a limited collection of Legends of Magic.

Particularly special to me as I grew up watching Matthew on TV as a child.

Released:  Feb/Mar 2021

Edition: Signed by Matthew Corbett

Message: No message

Size:  A3

Purchased: Direct from Chris Cross.  No 2 of 50.


Megan Swann Signed Playing Card

Megan is the first female president of The Magic Circle. 

Finally, I was able to get a signed card. Previous opportunities were difficult as Megan often has many magicians talking to her. 

Hoping in the future to get to see her perform her environmental magic. 

Acquired:  February 2023


Michael Jordan and Tamsyn Jordan Signed Playing Card

Michael Jordan was performing his High Jinx magic show at Blackpool Tower/Big Top with Tamsin Jordan.

An excellent stage magic show whereby I was able to gain the signed playing card and gain a selfie after the show. 

Acquired:  July 2022


Morgan and West - Parlour Magic

A lovely book that can be quite difficult to get hold of.

Bound in a green hardback cover with gold writing. I was given this as a Christmas present last year.  

An amazing book which details all of their parlour magic show with supporting chapters.

In Feb of 2022, I was also able to go to a Morgan and West show and I was able to get the book signed. Very lucky to get this dedicated to me and signed as "Morgan and West" by Rhys.  

Certainly, a prized book within my collection now.  

Purchased:  Dec 2021 and signed Feb 2022

Year Published: 2020

Edition:  Sealed


Natalia Love Signed Playing Card

Natalia is part of the fabulous Chicks n' Tricks female magic group. 

I am hoping one day to get an interview completed with Natalia. 

During BMC, I was able to chat with Natalia and get this signed card. Hopefully I will also be able to get Louise Andre to sign a card for me soon who also is part of Chicks n' Tricks. 

Natalia also performs under the name Nutty Natty, providing children's entertainment and ventriloquism.

Acquired: February 2023


Oliver Tabor Signed Playing Card

Oliver is a well known stage magician, ex President of The IBM British Ring No 25 and a FISM champion of stage magic.

Known for not only stage, but close up including his classic bubble and dove effects.

I gained this signed card at a lecture that Oliver was giving. A brilliant lecture and of course, I grabbed the opportunity to get a signed playing card as well.

And if you can get a chance to see this lecture, I highly recommend.

Acquired: October 2023


Paul Daniels - "Adult Magic" - Barry Murray

I had wanted to buy a copy of the Paul Daniels "Adult Magic" book by Barry Murray.

This edition was advertised on e-bay by a seller assuring that all his signatures were genuine and gained in person.

As I wanted this book, I felt that I had nothing to lose as the price was reasonable.  In my opinion, the signature appears genuine.

While I source most signatures direct or at least with a COA, this was worth the chance.

Purchased:  May 2021



Oliver Tabor Lecture Notes

Improved picture coming soon.

I have followed Oliver and his career over a number of years. I am of course ware of his work with Wayne Trice and Vicky Butterfly. 

Previously I had run some reviews of his online zoom shows. I hope to book to see his West End Magic show very soon that is touring in 2022.

Oliver is the current President of the British Ring 25 of the IBM. 

Immediately on seeing these lecture notes, I knew that I needed to purchase. Signed by both Oliver and Vicky. 

Photo:  TMC 2023 Convention on 30-Jul-2023


Paul Daniels - Signed Tour Poster

The magician Chris Cross originally put one of these signed tour posters on e-bay which I really wanted earlier in 2021.  At the time I lost the bid, but thankfully he had another for sale.

This is a lovely A3 sized poster which is signed by Paul, Debbie McGee and Chris Cross.

Really lucky to own this and advertised one of the last shows before Paul's death.

Released:  June 2015

Edition: Signed by Paul Daniels, Debbie McGee and Chris Cross

Message: No message

Size:  A3

Purchased: Direct from Chris Cross.  Very limited number were signed.


Paul Daniels - Signed Tour Poster

This is quite an old "An Audience with Paul Daniels" tour poster that dates back to March 2000.

Sourced from magician Chris Cross as genuine.

While I never saw this show, the poster is very rare.  I have become aware of a DVD of the "An Audience with Paul Daniels" show so as long as I can perhaps get on download.  Will have to buy.

Condition of poster is generally good for the age.

Released:  March 2000

Edition: Signed by Paul Daniels

Message: No message

Size:  A3

Purchased: Direct from Chris Cross.  Very limited number were signed.


Paul Daniels - Signed Picture with COA

As a child, I watched Paul Daniels regularly on television on the BBC.

I was able to pick up this signed picture on eBay.  A really nice photo, strong signature and a certificate of authenticity.

I hope to grow a small collection of Paul Daniels collectables and I would like to get some of his tricks that were sold in the 80's.

Purchased:  February 2021


Paul Williams Signed Playing Card

Paul is a great family and children's entertainer based in the Midlands/Leicestershire area. 

Paul is the chairman of the Leicester Magic circle. 

I gained this signature from Paul at BMC 23. It was great to speak and catch up with Paul, talking all things magic and Tenyo etc. 

Acquired: February 2023


Paul Zenon - Signed Magic Circle Cover of The Supreme Master Of Magic

While I have all these 5 stamps by the Royal Mail as part of a special cover, some individual signed covers were issued.  This one is signed by Paul Zenon.  The reverse of the envelope has a signed Benham certificate confirming that only 500 were signed.

Issued on the 15th of March 2005 for the Centenary of the Magic Circle.  

5 stamps that trace the tricks of the trade back to the start of the last century.

Celebrating in 1905 when 23 magicians came together at Pinoli's restaurant in London to form the Magic Circle.

Acquired:  October 2021


Paul Zerdin - Signed Picture with COA

A nice photo with signed picture of Paul Zerdin with a COA.

Just a shame that as a dark photo, it has been signed in black pen.

I have seen Paul perform at Corby in 2019.  I wish that I had now queued for his autograph but this is the next best thing.  

Bought via e-Bay.

Purchased:  May 2021


Penn & Teller Signed Rio Show Programme

I was able to acquire this show programme from e-bay.

The item is in fairly good condition and is of course signed.

Signatures look authenticate and seller has a good reputation.

Acquired:  June 2021


Pete Firman - Signed Picture with COA 

This signed and mounted picture and signature was sourced from e-bay.

An original Pete Firman signature.  

Item also has a COA issued which verifies authenticity.

A nice fact about this item is that the tour associated with this promo picture did not actually go fully ahead as was planned for 2020 and was of course postponed/cancelled.

Purchased: July 2021


Peter Nardi Signed Playing Card

Peter is a very well known magician who also owns Alakazam magic in the UK.

An excellent magic shop that I use a lot. 

Peter is also known for producing online videos for Alakazam. 

Acquired: February 2023


Philip David Treece- "Ellisdons The History" Signed Book

Philip is a magic historian and this is the first volume.

I was able to buy as a signed edition direct from Philip.

A small but beautifully presented book.

Purchased from

Acquired:  December 2021


Random Private Cards from Magicians

I really appreciate how personable many magicians are towards their fans..

I have been lucky to receive a few birthday cards and even a Christmas card.

Respecting the intentions of the individuals as private cards, wont publish the messages for these.  

The Magical Birthday was a great surprise, birthday card from Mandy Muden.  Then, also a lovely card from Romany.

One card that I hope to find soon is a signed Christmas card from Ben Halnlin.  At present, filed somewhere with loads of other Christmas cards.  Hope to find it soon.

Acquired:  From 2018 onwards


Richard Cadell and Sooty - Signed Postcard 

This signed postcard was sourced from e-bay.

A signed postcard of Richard Cadell and Sooty.  

Excellent condition and has been on display for over 20 years.  So, must be early 2000's.  Was obtained at a show in Winsford in Northwich.  

Purchased: March 2021


Richard Jones "Escape" 2020 Tour Poster

I was able to see the Escape tour in 2019.  While I was able to get a selfie of with Richard after his show, I wasn't so much into the collectible side of things at that time.

Available on Richard's website, this was a bargain as for the purchase of this poster, I also received "The Military Illusionist" signed poster along with a note from Richard addressed to me.

Released:  2020.

Edition: Signed by Richard Jones.

Message: "Always Believe In The Impossible!".

Size:  A3

Purchased: Direct purchase from - October 2020


Richard Jones "The Military Illusionist" Poster

This was an extra bonus poster from Richard when I was purchasing the "Escape" tour poster.  I have two copies, the one pictured and an additional copy that wishes "Happy Birthday Martin" for March 2021.

A nice surprise to receive and while the picture of Richard is the same as more recent posters, the supporting graphics are different.  I also have a smaller signed A4 version of this same poster that came with a magic set that I purchased from Richard - now framed and display in my home office.

Released:  2017+ at a guess.

Edition: Signed by Richard Jones.

Message: "Always Believe In The Impossible!".

Size:  A3

Purchased: Direct purchase from - October 2020


Richard Jones - Signed Note 

This signed general note was received in December 2020 with a signed magic set that I bought.  Written on Richard Jones note paper, A6 in size with gold writing.

The message is "I hope that you enjoy the magic.  Use it to make people smile.

Best wishes


Received: December 2020


Richard Jones Signed Note 2

This is a favorite signed piece of mine.  Written on plain white paper, it is personalised to me.  Thanking me for when I purchased signed posters.


I hope you're pleased with these posters.

Have a wonderful Christmas & keep in touch".

Keep safe, keep smiling

Richard Jones".

Received: October 2020


Romany Romany - "The Secret Life Of A Female Magician - Spun Into Gold"

I was aware of Romany as I had seen her perform on Penn & Teller: Fool Us.

A recent edition of Magic Seen Magazine alerted me to the fact that Romany had a new book out.  Immediately ordered a signed copy dedicated to me.

Billed as a story of showbiz dreams, addictions and finding real magic.  The book being for anyone who has ever had a dream.  For anyone who wants to remember how magic work.  Buy at for a signed copy or Amazon here.  Read my review here.


Russ Brown Signed Playing Card

Russ Brown is a magician famed for his "House of Secrets" magic bar in Blackpool.

I was able to attend his "Family Magic Show" and as well as meeting Russ, I was able to get a selfie and signed playing card.

Acquired:  July 2022


Siegfried and Roy Signed Souvenir by Lynette Chappell

I hope to add an improved picture very soon and also share the contents. I nice signed item that is limited and created by Chris Cross with Lynette. 

Lynette was a friend/dancer and assistant to Siegfried and Roy. 

The envelope promotes Siegfried and Roy and is signed by Lynette. The contents of the envelope includes magical contents and keepsakes. A nice collectable which was signed in 2022.

Photo:  TMC 2023 Convention on 30-Jul-2023


Scot Jerram - "Scot Free" Book

Scot is a founding member of the Leicester Magician's Network.  Author of "Scot Free - A Journey Into Classically Inspired Card Magic".  

A book that documents Scot's passion for cardistry  and Edward Marlo, also detailing lots of effects. 


My copy is a signed first edition hardback edition that is beautifully presented.  Copies can be bought by visited Scot's FaceBook page here.

For a sample of the book, download the pdf here.  Shared with permission.


Tom Brace Signed Playing Card

It was great to catch up with and finally meet Tom. 

Tom has always been an active supporter of this website and we have regularly promoted his work.

We were able to have a good chat and get this card signed. Thanks Tom!

Hopefully I will get to see him perform live very soon. And keep an eye out for him if you are cruising, a new market also keeping him busy now. 

Acquired:  November 2022


Tom Elderfield Signed Playing Card

I was aware of Tom's work as a magician and consultant mainly, as he had worked with Joel M.

In 2022, Tom became known for being a faithful in the reality series "The Traitors". An entertaining show. 

Tom was at BMC with Joel M. Two really nice chaps and I had a great conversation with them. I was also able to gain selfies. 

While all magicians are generally very friendly and happy to talk, Joel M and Tom were very welcoming in their approach. It was great to meet them both. 

Acquired:  February 2023


Vinny Sagoo - Signed Book - "Mind The Maths Magic"

A brand new book on Maths Magic by Vinny Sagoo.

Includes a nice message from Vinny saying "To Martin, Enjoy the magic within - Vinny".

A lovely A5 sized book with many maths effects included.

My review is available to read on this site here.  

Acquired:  October 2021


Vinny Sagoo Autograph

Vinny is not only a magician but a creator who is famed for his NeoMagic website and blog.

A member of the same magic club as myself, the Leicester Magicians Network.

Vinny presented a lecture to us all recently and I was able to make a few purchases from his shop.

With my purchases was a free gift and a signed note.

Received: December 2020


Wayne Dobson - Signed Magic Circle Cover of Thurston

While I have all these 5 stamps by the Royal Mail as part of a special cover, some individual signed covers were issued.  This one is signed by Wayne Dobson.  The reverse of the envelope has a signed Benham certificate confirming that only 500 were signed and that this was number 3 by Wayne Dobson.  

Issued on the 15th of March 2005 for the Centenary of the Magic Circle.  

5 stamps that trace the tricks of the trade back to the start of the last century.

Celebrating in 1905 when 23 magicians came together at Pinoli's restaurant in London to form the Magic Circle.

Acquired:  May 2021

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