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Denys Fisher - The Magic Hat

While this magic set would not have originally been limited, it is certainly vintage and rare now and dates to the mid 1970's. A magic set that contains a black plastic top hat with associated silks, playing cards and other magic tricks. This is a particularly special addition to my collection as I owned one as a child. I remember many happy hours playing with the top hat and its hidden trap door! If only I actually had my original!My parents originally bought me this magic kit and it got me into magic as a child. For many a year, I did not know what this set was called and I only recently discovered that it was a Denys Fisher product. The item contents are in very good condition. The box is aged and slightly worn but is to be expected. 

Released:  mid 1970's

Edition: N/A

Signed by: N/A - unsigned

Purchased: February 2022 Ebay - no longer available from shops


Dynamo - Magic Kit

A nicely presented  magic set with many effects included.

As for ages 8 and up, include some straight forward self working gimmicks and gimmicks to support more involved magic.

Supporting instructions are clear and I may try some of these with my daughter who is also showing signs of wanting to learn magic.

Released:  November 2015

Edition: N/A

Signed by: N/A - unsigned

Purchased: March 2021 Ebay - no longer available from shops


Lxke Trix - Signed Card Magic Kit

Lxke Trix released a card magic kit in March 2021.

Having worked with Lxke on site content, the opportunity to buy his new kit was too good to miss.

Of course, I asked if I could have it signed and Luke happily obliged.

The kit contains a paphlet with 75 tricks and supporting effect materials to carry out the routines.  It includes magic age cards, two card monte and a clipper card.

Nicely presented.  You can buy from Lxke Trix here.  

Released:  March 2021

Edition: N/A

Signed by: Lxke Trix

Purchased: You can buy from Lxke Trix here.


Marvin's Magic - Deluxe Box of Tricks

This set was issued to celebrate 30 years of Marvin's magic.

At £125, it was on my wish list for a while before finally buying.  A very nice set that I now have on display in my home office/magic room.

Not planning to use as wish to keep the item in mint condition.

Please see my review within the review pages of this website.

Released:  February 2019

Edition: Not numbered but certificate confirms limited edition of 3000

Signed by: N/A

Purchased: Direct purchase from in June 2021


Rubik's Amazing Box of Magic Tricks - Signed

This set was issued to celebrate 40 years of the Rubik's cube.

The first 40 sets came with a signed certificate by the creator of "Marvin's Magic" - Marvin Berglas.  A special set that included 40 rubik's cube related effects.

As I was informed that I was the second person to pre-order, I qualified for this special edition.

Available on Amazon here.

Released:  September 2020

Edition: Not numbered but certificates only issued to first 40 pre-orders

Signed by: Marvin Berglas

Purchased: Direct purchase from in September 2020


Richard Jones Magic Set - Signed

This magic set was issued by Richard Jones and can be purchased directly from him on his website (below).

The set comprises of 75 tricks/effects and was sold as s limited edition with a signed box that is now on display in my hoe office.  Within the box, a signed A4 poster was included and signed personalised on Richard Jones note paper.

The inside of the magic set is sealed and do not plan to open.

Released:  Not known but would imagine from about 2016/17 onwards.

Edition: Not numbered but signed by: Corporal Richard Jones

Message: "Always Believe In The Impossible - Richard".

Purchased: Direct purchase from in December 2020


Richard Jones Box of Magic - Signed insert and note

This is the latest magic set issued by Richard Jones. Possibly more limited than some of the previous sets released by Richard.

I saw this on sale as a Richard Jones show but held off to get mine signed.

The kit contains 5 magic effects and a YouTube instruction video. Nicely presented kit with a good choice of beginner effects.

The box is even sealed with an embossed gold sticker.

Released:  April 2022

Edition: Not numbered but insert signed along with a signed note.

Purchased: Direct purchase from via email.


Shin Lim - Evolushim

This kit is still sealed.  When I open it, will spend time working my way through the contents and will enjoy.


The kit is supported by video from Shin Lim, I understand a couple of hours of instruction.

The reviews that I have read about this kit are complimentary, focusing on the fact that unlike other sets, it contains a lot of useful items to perform and is not a toy like many other similar products available.  Very nicely presented.

Released:  February 2021

Edition: N/A

Signed by: N/A - unsigned

Purchased: February 2021 


Stephen Mulhern Signed Magic Set

I've always enjoyed watching Stephen Mulhern on TV as very entertaining.  A bonus that he is a magician as well.

I spotted this for sale on e-bay and you cannot buy in the shops yet.  Signed magic sets are of interest to me but did expect something a little larger.   It is really small sized and probably a quarter of the size of a normal box of tricks. 

The box contains 25 tricks and is nicely presented.  Now on display in my home office.

Released:  Unreleased currently

Edition: N/A

Signed by: Stephen Mulhern

Purchased: February 2021 


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