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BGT 2023 Finals Magic Act - Cillian O’Connor

The semi-final stage of BGT 2023 finished with magician Cillian O'Connor getting through to the BGT finals.

The only one of five magicians to feature in the semi finals that progressed to the finals.

Big congrats to Cillian for a fab performance tonight. Such a professional, with a well rehearsed and confident routine.

Cillian proving that he deserved his place in the finals.

While not winning the final, Cillian featured in the top 3 and came third.

Such an amazing achievement, he has secured a very successful career that will now follow this appearance.

His competition was a wide variety of comedy, dance and singing acts and a last minute wild card addition.

Here is Cillian's performance at the final.

Cillian O'Connor

I was really impressed with this performance. Great delivery and confidence from Cillian.

Having met Cillian this year, I knew his star was rising. I proudly have a signed playing card that he signed for me as part of my collection.


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