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Chris Dugdale Update - Windsor Show and Kickstarter Funding

Chris Dugdale has always been a massive supporter of this site and blog. An excellent performer who I have been able to review not only his "XYA" book (read here) but also a couple of his Zoom shows.

As well as his successful shows at the Edinburgh Fringe this year, he has also announced a new Windsor date for December and a Kickstarter project.

If you can get tickets for the Windsor show in the UK, I would definitely recommend buying. They will be in short supply and will absolutely sell out. I am hoping to attend, as it would be fantastic to see Chris perform live.

Chris is US based these days so you need to be quick to grab tickets for his shows. Buy here.

The show details are:

Chris Dugdale: Ethermind

Performance: starts at 20:00

Length: 1hr 20 mins

22 December 2022

Space: Auditorium

For those of you who perform magic or like collectables, also take a look at this new Kickstarter funding page organised by Chris here. The "Ultimate Drunken Deck" is an amazing routine that is being offered with some great perks for collectors - signed items and Zoom sessions. You also have options for the standard product.

Take a look at the link for the perks and a video from Chris talking you through the routine.


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